Menorca the vacation of dreams!

We have gathered everyone in the family and paused life for one week and taken our travels to Menorca. Mallorcas smaller further northern sister.
It’s only 2 hours on a ferry and an hour or so in a car when you get to the port. But it feels like traveling back in time. For a week we have lived without any wifi or network connection and only mobile network for a few minutes every day. There are no motorways, no heavy traffic, no musts, no has too’s. We just did our family thing and for one week doing nothing was the most productive I’ve been mentally for a long time.
In the doing nothing I managed to include 3 bike rides, a boat trip and some sightseeing so Menorcans do not have to be appalled by the lazy swede. I have decided to try and come back to Menorca. Hopefully stay for two weeks next time!
Before my vacation I had managed to get caught up in some negative thinking. Comparing the me of today to the me that could have been. Because people mainly concentrate on the positive bits of my recovery they do point out how lucky I am. Yes I know that in ways I have been very lucky but part of me wants to scream like a spoilt brat, that having half a body that doesn’t feel enough or in a way you can relate to does not feel very “lucky”. That whilst following all your friends and competitors results at shows that you should have been jumping at, now maybe you will never be able to compete again, also does not feel so incredibly “lucky”.
On the other hand I clearly can see how this has changed me as a person. Maybe not a nicer one but at least a more compassionate one.
I have more time for everyday things. Maybe because I have more time to spend on thinking, or maybe just because I find it hard to focus on the bigger issues so I spend more time thinking about closer, smaller things.
I had jet another “close encounter” on a horse the week before we went on holiday. It was a small, nothing thing really, a horse just spooking at things that weren’t even there but as I was determined to stay on and work said horse it left me with a smacked chin and a neck stiff as a board and “whiplash” screaming right at me. I finished working the disobedient creature and as I got of I thought “oh oh! That really doesn’t feel good at all”… Luckily I had the acupuncture lady booked in that very evening! She did some needles and then put on some brightly colored tape all over my back. I thought I would be put of action for the whole holiday, she gently asked me not to ride horses for 1 week and in reality it only made me not ride for 2 days as I had holiday booked in. The amazing thing was the day after the incident. I woke up. Not in agony and immobility. No but in normality! Other than my back looking like architectural plans for Stonehenge, I wasn’t in pain. I had almost full movement of my neck. It was incredible! I’ve had so many neck related “whip lash” accidents to my neck. I know when I have something happening to my neck it takes time, normally between 2-3 weeks until I can move my head freely. The pain would normally stay for another 2-3 weeks.
With the athletic chiropractic tapes in combination with acupuncture needles I was was back to normal within 2 days. After 5 days I removed the tape and the needles. Now after a full 10 days I feel completely natural, normal… or at least back to where I was before the latest incident.
I can definitely recommend my acupuncturist! Carolina Morena in Palma.
Now we are on the ferry back towards Mallorca. I have more energy, I feel more focused and I have set myself another goal. I will try and keep the blogging going as it settles my mind and makes me aware of things that somehow should be obvious, but don’t really shows it’s true colors until it’s on print!

Keep smiling šŸ™‚ there is always time to become a better person!

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