Bad Schinznach Day 4

Mercedes has arrived!

With 5kg of chocolate and candy! (As I lost almost 11kg in the accident and recovery it is OK!)

This morning we were the youngest couple on the breakfast. Mercedes kept speaking Spanish to the waiters and cleaning crew. They probably were very surprised as they all know me as “the English” lady.

We got an update about last nights football. I am so NOT “English”at the moment. I’m Swedish!!!! Zlatan scored 4 times!!! Sweden 4- England 2

8.30am Ergoterapie with Angelina. First standing up push ups against the door. Then lots of lifts with arms and shoulders. `finishing off with 2 golfballs in one hand. Make the golfballs turn around each other. OK, sounds easy enough, but when you actually try and do it, not so easy any more. In the end Angelina lent me the balls so I can practise in my room….

9.15 Physio theraphy with Ennio. I was walking and training in stairs. In the end I was walking up and down a proper set of stairs! We finished the lesson by making a lot of sound when you walk. (Banging your feet like children are not allowed!) Then we were walking rolling our feets forward finishing off rolling the feet backwards (moonwalking).

Ennio really is a good physio but as a moon walker/dancer I’m not too sure…

Lunch was enjoyed at 12.30

13:25 Ennio in the gym. They have a real gym here. With gym stuff in and everything. I first went on a bike. I have to pedal really quick. Between 60-70rpm. I look really strange. I then got on the leg press. The weight put on for 2 legs was 60kg or 50kg when you did one leg.

Remembering being on one of them at Mega gym earlier this year. A bit more weight on then…

Then up for a power nap. Mercedes went down to book herself in for treatments at the spa.

15.00 An hour with the psychologist. She informed me about everybody’s input in the weekly talk to the doctor about my progress. Apparently I am doing just fine! Good progress on all physios reports!

During this hour Mercedes went to have a swim in the hot spa. She got changed in the spa area using the green special bracelet key to lock the changing room locker. They are all with numbers on but Mercedes forgot to check hers.

After her awesome swim she repeated what Dan did a few days ago. She got a bit lost. First she ended up in the machine room. Then she ended up in the guards room. When she got back in to the changing area she was completely confused and she tried to open any locker with her green bracelet/key. All her clothes, shoes and key to our rooms were locked in the locker. The question was just: What locker?

She eventually found a separate changing room for hotel guests where she to the Swiss staffs delight found her locker! She made it safely back to pick me up from therapy on time, only my therapist was doing lots of talking and evaluating and overrun for 10 min! `how un Swiss! My Ergo  therapy had to be moved until tomorrow morning.

All is well. Left side improving and Mercedes that only one week ago came to see me at Juaneda can’t believe the change already!

10 thoughts on “Bad Schinznach Day 4

  1. Underbara Emelie, vilken otrolig tåga. Fylld av beundran och oerhört intresserad av din recovery och imponerad av vänsterhandens verbala förmåga. Fortsätt så! Jätteintressant.

  2. Fantastisk progress av en fantastisk kvinna! Härligt att följa din progress så här. Vi fortsätter att hålla tummarna och hejar på här i från Svedala! Stor kram på dig vännen!

  3. Good work, love the left handed drinking video, we can’t believe the improvement from 2 weeks ago. It is a good job you can now drink with that hand as otherwise you would have ‘lost’ at a lot of drinking games. We can see from the video that you are not the typical guest, it seems your hair should be blue! Xxx

  4. Not sure if this reply will work this time but anyway, I’ll have a go! I thought you were going to tell me Mercedes found herself in a spa full of naked people and was told off for wearing swimming clothes! That has happened to me before 🙂

    Can’t believe how quickly you are making progress Emelie, keep up the good work and look forward to the videos soon. Lots of love from us all here in muddy Warwickshire x

  5. Duktiga du! Helt otroliga positivt jobbiga dagar låter det som – och bra framsteg du gör! You rock!
    Ser framemot lite bilder och videos på hur du har det och hur det går!
    Emmas hopptränare Emma Emanuelsson slog RGB härromdagen på Flyinge, och är klar för Globen! Mycket roligt 🙂
    Tänker mycket på dig!
    Kram från ett Zlatan tokigt Stockholm // Jenny

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