Bad Schinznach Day 5

So yesterday night after our 5.30pm dinner I was getting a special treat, a movie night!

Mercedes had brought with her from Spain, a computer full of films. We chose one that came highly recommended. Good cast. Interesting country (India) and a beginning that made it watchable. We couldn’t be more wrong. We were setting ourselves up for a comedy, it was a dark drama about inner shifting. I didn’t really get it but blame my head injuries for this. It was called The Darjeeling Limited. I am now trying to find out how many points it scored on IMDb but internet is not working so I hope I can post this later.
After my accident I have become quite fearful when it comes to simple things. Being in a car. Watching TV. Movies. So I chose my videos/films with the greatest care. In this one people were fighting, children were dying, people were seperating and falling out for no reason. Luckily I was too tired and could also go in to my damaged bit of my brain where I choose not to get anything.
When I can get online I will give this movie 1 out of 10 possible. (So if you can see what it scored you can add my 1 to it)
Today a hard day for physio:
8.30am yesterdays cancelled lesson. Started with opening of different jars. Different lids in different materials and ways to unlock. Some were screwable. Other just pushed in place (they were very tricky to get off!) Then I got a lot f small wooden balls that I had to pick up one after the other. Not dropping any when picking new up. Very tricky! In the end dropping off said wooden balls one by one between my thumb and tip of pointy finger. I managed to do it which I always think is awesome!
9.30am meeting with doctor. Talking about progress. He is carefully positive. I get a clear light to go in swimming pool! I have a specialist booked for epelepsy in Zurich for monday the 26th. We talk about the accident.
I hadn’t talked about what had happened with Elena that was actually there until yesterday and it was quite informative. When Harry had bucked I was coming off not protecting myself in any way. Just falling as i was already unconsious. Then I fell at my left sind and hit my head. I was wearing a good helmet as I always am but I hit my left side and the back of my head. Then Harry fell on top of me. He caught my 2 legs and I stayed still. Smiling. But un-communicable. Elena got Harry up and away and this is when I had some fits due to bleeding on brain. I was also bleeding on my left arm. Elena said when I moved my legs in a way she was relieved as that proved I hadn’t broken anything. She then realised I could not communicate.
10.15 second Ergo theraphy of the day. This time stand up push ups against the door. Finishing of with stand up push ups on balls against the door. This was a real killer! In the end she gave me a weight. I asked how much it weighed she said 1 kg. Wow I thought. Then she looked down and muttered eh no it’s 500 grams… oh well thats a full 400 grams more than my previous weight. We did some work with the shoulder that made me tired so I went for a lie down for 20min before my next lesson.
11.15 Physio theraphy with Ennio. Gosh I was tired. Ennio could even see I was almost falling asleep. I had some stretching of my legs and after 10 min I was ready to go again! I worked on a big step trying to go slowly up and down keeping my balance on both legs. After that we did some climbing on the climbing frame on the wall. 3 times up and down. My legs were shaking!
Then we went for lunch. Today Friday. Friday= desert buffee ,100 different sweet things to eat if you were not on the gluten and lactose free menu. We had a fruit platter. Mercedes very happy. Me not amused. Mercedes tried 5 different things but liked a chocolate the best so I decided to have one of them on the way out as I now walk from the table to the wheelchair. It was yummy as it had a coffee bean on it and dark chocolate in it!
I went up for a 2 hrs sleep.
3pm Ennio in the gym. We put all the mats on the floor to create a huge crawling space for me. I was on all 4.
Going forwards and backwards. I still have some issues here.
My muscles don’t know what they are doing. So I some times need to look or feel with my hand to get the hand or leg to go where I want it to.
This will apparently get better again when my brain has picked up and stored “references” for each pattern.
Mercedes and I took a walk outside before my next lesson. Only to finish up indoors next to the grand piano where the pianist sat down straight away with a lot of smiling Mercedes way. I think she has a new fan!
4pm Ergo theraphy with Caroline. She focused on my shoulder and we did  a few tests. I managed to do all 7 sensibility tests where I had previously only managed 2 now I could feel much more with my left hand. Go leftie!
So today was 2 1/2 hrs of theraephy work. Hardcore! As they all have 30 min they work you as hard as they can the time they have you. If you are under 50 and have pink hair I think they work you a little extra, just so you won’t get all bossy with them.
Now Mercedes is in the spa for some swimming and treatments. I am working my left hand by writing this. Now I am online so I will try and post this now.
See you again tomorrow!
Keep smiling xx

4 thoughts on “Bad Schinznach Day 5

  1. Hej Sis,
    För att inte du, liksom Anita Ekberg gjorde efter 3 veckor i USA på 50-talet, skall glömma bort svenskan – skriver jag ett inlägg på just nämnda språk.
    Kul att både läsa och höra om dina muskulära framgångar, snart är du flink nog att visa både tummen upp och ge ett fett vänster långfinger till den som förtjänar det (kanske “zeigen den Mittelfinger” är en övning ni gör?). Något som definitivt skall ha tummen upp är din starka, lätt omskakade, vinnarskalle. Hjälper dig definitivt i din rehab. Som intellektuell träning bör du passa på att lära dig lite Switzerdeutsch, ett språk lika användbart som Mallorquin, så kan du och jag ta en “klockresa” genom alplandet vid tillfälle. (Ang Mallorquin; behöver du tolkhjälp med Gabriel ställer jag upp.)
    Kul idé med bloggen, jag följer din utveckling med intresse, har du även möjlighet att lägga upp lite bilder?

    Stora kramar

    P.s. Din kompis Mercedes bör skaffa sig ett coolt smeknamn, typ Scania…

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