Bad Schinznach Day10

Double figures in days I have been here!

Johanna and I head down for an early breakfast! Great as always!

9am Physio in the gym with Marlene. I got on my blue plastic horse again! It behaved for the first time and I managed to keep my legs up and keep the balance all the time! Then I got a new exercise for my left leg. I got on and off the “horse” using my left leg on and off. Like you would on a normal horse, then I got another exercise standing up on my left leg pointing my right toes upwards forwards. All more weight on left leg. It needs it. I’m a long way away from being able to get on a horse.

10.30am Ergo therapy with Angelina. She was doing a lot of work for my shoulder. Weight lifting and moving arms up over head. I then got to lift a box full of coffee beans and some stones, to move stones out of the box and other stones in to the box then move the box again. It all finished off with me having to lift stones of varying weight to a shelf higher than me. How hard but now done!

11am Psychology. Today we talked about my feelings. My plastic bubble wrap that protects me.

She said this is normal.The body defence that kicks in to heal your body as quick as possible. The reaction of what happens now I will probably feel in a couple of weeks or months. She then went through a relaxing technique that was really useful. You tense 16 muscle groups of your body with your breathing stop tensing the muscle when you breathe out. At the same time you have to think that you have a stream of water carrying any tension away from you from your head out through your feet.
I felt very tired at the end of it and went for my gluten free lunch with my lovely sister that was going for a treatment at the spa.
2.30pm Ergo therapy with Caroline. She could see how tired I was, probably mostly because of the relaxation exersize, but she decided to give me a massage with this machine that gets the receptors working again in my hands arms and legs! It was lovely and I finished off with some putty making a snake with my left hand and then pusing together my thumb with pointy finger and then middle finger, ring finger and little finger to make the snake have dragon like skin. Quite effective, and got my left side working.
4.30pm Water workout in indoor hot spring with 1 “worm” under 1 leg then gently life leg forward or sideway then change legs. All this without holding on to anything. Tough to do. I fell over a couple of times. I looked so novice in the water Marlene asked me full seriously -Can you swim? In water? -Yes I said quite annoyed she ever doubted me.
5.30pm Gala dinner. Don’t know why but we had a Gala dinner but we had it all! 4 delicious courses, live piano music and everyone was very dressed up. Except maybe me. I had my pink hair on who always make me look dressy and pretty gala!
After dinner Johanna and I went to the outdoor swim place. Wow hot springs! Lots of bubbles and fun things to play with. Hot water and outdoor in the cold. Fantastic!
Keep Smiling! I’m getting a little better at swimming every day.

One thought on “Bad Schinznach Day10

  1. Hi Sis!

    Tough exercise program, but effective for sure. Sounds nice with massage and hot spring spa. Having personal experiences from Iceland, enjoying too much time in hot springs will make people ask: What is that pink colored creature smelling like rotten eggs, sitting on a blue plastic horse? In addition, on Icleland, there were no bubbles in the springs. I suspect Johanna enhanced the bubbling…

    Regarding bubbles, I’m sure your protective plastic bubble wrap will vanish – just as everybody likes to snap them bubble by bubble. I guess your body set the snap rate as needed, when you are strong enough you won’t need any wrapping.

    Quicker than you can say Bad Schinznach (well, correctly pronounced), it’s Auf Wienerschnitzel der Ärtze and Hola flujo del tanque fecal!

    Take good care!

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