Bad Schinznach Day 8

So it’s the first day of the second week. Not sure it means anything to them but they have clearly upped my work schedule.

Today I had 6 lessons.

It started at 8.30am with Ergo therapy. This time a lot more push-ups against the door followed by different arm lifts and a pretend swim at the end.

This was followed by playing with girls when Dan was having some important treatment for his back. The girls and I played with their barbies then we went down to reception where I changed some times. This time I was driving them in my wheelchair! A great way to walk with aid (somehow the wheelchair does balance the driver!)

10.30am physio therapy. Marlene she took me for a long walk from the therapy rooms to the gym. There she put me on top a double fit ball. Like on a horse. Then she told me to pick up my feet. Then put them forward. Then she gave me reins. Then she told me to get on and off it from the left side like a real horse.

It’s blue. Plastic. And very hard to sit on. As a horse I’d give it no hope. It felt sensitive and scope less! No worse combination really! I will practice on it every day. I have made it my mission to make that useless piece of gym trash my new lovely pet! If it goes like my other “projects” it will probably jump a small course by the end of the week!

11am 1 whole hour of psycho therapy. The girls and Dan were swimming at this hour! They had fun whilst I was prodded by Sylvie the head doctor. I left with a new technique ffor relaxing and hopefully to sleep soundly.

12pm I got to see my girls one last time for a quick lunch before they went to the airport.

12.30pm Dan and the girls left.

1.45pm a neuro something doctor session. He was checking my ability to think and recognise things and patterns. We spent about 1hr on a computer. First I got to answer lots of questions on what I remembered from before the accident etc. I told him I have forgotten nearly all names of peopleI know and shops etc. Its sadly true. If I need to call someone I can no longer find them in my phone because I can’t remember what they are saved as.

It gets a little better each day. Every time I get an email or text from someone I remember more. I must look a bit odd though when I go through my phone not really knowing who is in there. Ah well you are all getting your 15 min of fame. In a week or 2 I will make it my mission to get all of you back!

3pm Ergo therapy. This time first i got to roll 3 dice. 2were normal and one had 6 colours on it.  There was a board with 25 nails in it. If I got a blue and a 2 and a 6 I needed to take a blue rubber band from a bag with my left hand and with the same hand put it around 8 nails on the board. This went on for a while when the board looked pretty full of rubber bands. Then I just threw the dice with different colours. This decided which colour band I could remove from the board. Very tricky, all left handed.

Then I got to play colour suduko. It was awesome! Just using my left now long suffering side….

4.30pm Water therapy! How awesome! In the small indoor pool with Marlene. She gave me some floaters to keep under hands and legs and arms then she showed me techniques  of how to turn in water using very little power just technique. folding your shoulders forward. Well I never knew that was important until now.

I was very tired after all this exercise. Posted something like don’t know if they want to cure me or kill me on Facebook and twitter.

Then I had dinner. And here you know you are lonely when the name tag on your table only says your name which it did tonight…. I miss my girls but they called to say they had a good flight back.

I went down to dinner in a wheelchair. Its impressive how much more the left hand can turn the wheels than before. I’m getting pretty quick!

I also wanted to say something about typing here. It’s getting easier every day. There is no change in how the left hand feels (or doesn’t feel) but there is a huge difference in what it’s willing to do. I wished now someone had filmed my attempts at blogging just a week ago. It’s a huge difference.

For me every day here is a challenge. But I am getting stronger and more like me every day. Don’t know if I will ever be

One thought on “Bad Schinznach Day 8

  1. Hej Emelie! Det är härligt att läsa dina uppdateringar och tankar. Att bara skriva dessa detaljerade och långa inlägg – wow! Låter som du är på rätt plats just nu o få möjlighet att enbart fokusera på din träning. Vi saknar dig och längtar efter dig!
    Kramar Lovisa

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