Bad Schinznach Day 11

Early start

8am Therapy of physical variety. Marlene did the walking test again. 2 minutes walk as far as you can. Last week I did 77 meters.

I’m only a little bit competitive as you know so I was just going to try and break it a little. I did a flat 200 meters in 2 minutes. Even Marlene looked impressed!

I then went up on some step training. I was stood with my left foot on the ground lifting the right one up and down on and off the steps. I was doing that until my left side was shaking uncontrollable. Its just the muscles trying to do their work. I asked Marlene about massage and if it would be good for me she said oh are you not getting any in your therapy. Then she said yes 2 times per week would be good especially now I am working muscles so hard.

8.30am I was waiting for my Ergo therapy to start. But I was an hour early.

9.30am Ergo therapy. We wer working a lot with plastic bands (fit bands) I was seated on a red ball and first we played volley ball with a balloon sitting on the ball. It was awesome fun. Even with my legs pulled up I didn’t loose my balance. I managed to get the balloon back every time. The fit bands we pulled to get the shoulder working. It was hard work but all very rewarding. I have done similar tasks last week and failed. This week I can do it! Very good.

11am Physio at the gym. First 10 min on the bio. This time it’s easy to keep speed over 70 rpm. `It’s also easy to keep going for 10 min. It’s the first 3d lesson I have startrd with this much energy!

We work on standing up with only my left leg. Try and do that and see how you go. All weight on the left side. At first too hard but with a change of technique it’s working all of a sudden. I finish of climbing o the wooden climbing frame. Here only allowed to use my left arm to pull me up. Gosh they really know how to work me!

I had a lunch with Johanna after I tried to find her in the spa for 30 min. Maybe my german really isn’t getting any better?

Then we had some more bad news. Millie my youngest daughter is very poorly and is in hospital in Mallorca. It’s a chest infection so she needs to stay in hospital 72hrs which makes every bodies plan of coming here next week has now vanished. Dan and Nicola  are now staying at Mallorca with all the girls. Never mind. I stay in my plastic wrap, but this almost touches me.

2.30pm Ergo therapy with Angelina. We play this game were you are supposed to pick out wooden sticks without making the tower fall. Here they call it Jenga. I was only allowed to use my left hand and I won! Then we did it backwards. Putting the pieces back. That was so much harder.

3pm hairdresser. I had ordered new pink colour. They sadly had not got the colour, so I got a flamingo cooer that they had. It was still very awesome. She cut my hair as well. Short back and side windy fringe. So cute!

Dan is in the UK again and I am wishing him all the best of luck with every thing. I think about him all the time and he is on the inside of my plastic bubble, so I do actually feel for him.

I am tonight going to welcome my new guest, my cousin Cecilia is coming all the way from Heidelberg. She arrives after dinner is served so we will just take her swimming!

Johanna is now hooked on once upon a time! It’s really great! I have seen the whole first series! Anyone knows when the next series is out?

Today I have had 4 coffees, but no sleep at all during the entire day. I will see how I sleep tonight but I think it will go well!

Keep smiling! I think some of my energy has returned! More in the body than the brain….

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