Bad Schinznach Day 12

So Cecilia is here and in her true fashion I started the day with high spirits. Also because of yesterdays high energy I was thinking my tired self was gone… how wrong was I?

9.30am physio therapy in Rund bau- means round house- we were working on standing up  on one leg both left and right holding the other leg up. Then we sat on a fit ball and had to keep both legs up. That is seriously hard. I only managed for a super short time and only after I was sat balancing with my right arm in front of me. There is lots of improvement to work on.

My new hairstyle and colour is making a lot of talk around Bad Schinznach. One of our regular old friends today said he was going to be depressed if I was leaving this weekend. We said don’t worry I’m not leaving for another week and a half so that pleased him.

I remember sitting next to him on the exercise bike singing yesterday, so maybe some more of that singing to spread around Bad Schinznach? Cecilia is just singing  for Viggo her son and it’s the little snail song in Swedish so maybe we can do a duet later?


10.45 am Ergo therapy with Angelina. More volleyball with a balloon. Sat on a small ball. Then stand up push ups both with and without balls and finished off with a screwing game. I had to remove bolts from different types of screws. Coordinating my thumb and pointy finger on my left hand.


A last coffee with my lovely sister. And some macaroons that Cecilia had baked. They were amazing!!!! Delight! Hugs goodbye to my best ever sister and she also reached inside my plastic bubble. Will miss her but only a week and a half until I go back.


A lunch with Frau Muller. She was delighted with the  wednesday desert buffet. I nearly fell asleep at lunch.

I went up for a 30 min sleep before my

1.30 Physio Therapy with Marlene again. She has never seen me so tired so I got a massage by her instead of me working. That was the first time I think I was pleased not to have any feeling in my body as she really didn’t hold back anything. As she was working deep tissue massage on my shoulder I could kind of feel it behind my ear.

Ah well, I think maybe the feeling will come back some time.

Dan is back in Mallorca now and Millie is feeling better. Thats good!

After my quick chat with him I had another lie down.

3.30pm still tired for Ergo therapy. Caroline this time. We played the dice and rubber band game again. It was good fun and it gets easier to use my left hand every day. Typing here is getting easier each day.

The progress I have made here in nearly 2 weeks is incredible. Not really counted on this progress. I hope this will continue. I have work to do each day now and a lot of muscles to build.

Cecilia and me went swimming in the hot spring. It was awesome as always. We went in the grown up pool as it was so early and it’s a bit cleaner than the kids pool. We didn’t get lost like Dan and Mercedes but we did see that you had to take off your clothes if you were to go upstairs. Sometimes it helps having a german speaking/reading relative with you!


Now we are talking to our families in Sweden, Germany and Mallorca, then of for dinner.


Keep Smiling 🙂 You learn something new each day!

3 thoughts on “Bad Schinznach Day 12

  1. Thank God for a family you can rely upon.Tonight my reliable family consist of Hanna,Priscilla and Disa the dog.Carl and Bitte are dancing to Swedish House Maffia.

  2. I always have to take a nap to gain strength after reading your report! Im imensly(!) impressed of your Will and energy. Lots of love

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