Bad Schinznach day 13 Saturday

Apparently we all just have one month to live. The world comes to an end on the 12/12/12. Why? I don’t know. For me it sounds like a happy date not a end the world date.

So today I was awoken by the phone calling me to say my physio session had been confirmed for 9.40am. The time when they called was 8.50am so I’d better get my arse in full gear so I’d have time to eat breakfast before the session.

9.40am Physio therapy with Caroline. She was this weeks Saturday worker. We played lots of games and did a lot of throwing balls and catching balls with my left hand. I was average. I really don’t like the averageness of my being sometimes. I get a flashback sometimes to what I used to be. Never a good thing so I head back into my plastic bubble.

I went for a lie down for an hour after my session. I ate a whole bag of m&m. Felt a little bit better so I decided we should go for a walk.

Cecilia and me went to the river. It’s so huge and it was so still today. It was really quiet outside. Not a bird sound actually. Only the wheels from my rullator (what do you call them in english? They have wheels on them and you walk behind them holding on to them and using them for stability instead of crutches) We call mine the pony as he is really handy when we decide to go places and we don’t want to carry something for example.

After the walk we had lunch, with coffee. And after that we got changed in to gym stuff and headed down in to the gym. I did a 10 min cycle on effort 8. I burnet enough calories to eat half an apple! Then I did sitting on a fit ball without holding on and I actually did it!

Cecilia did some stomach stuff and then felt it necessary to watch over me so I wouldn’t crash in to something. The mother of 4 really couldn’t let go…

When we finished in the gym we head straight to the pool. We did both hot pools today. Cecilia also went down the scary slide and we walked against the waters direction inn the fast flowing stream! We stayed for some bubbles as  well and finished off in a turkish sauna with strong smelling mint smell. It was awesome. But for any normal person I think I would have been terrible to be with but for a saint like my cousin, she just joined in, yes of course we can just spend 2 min doing this. Sure no problem you want to change the pool.

I have an attention span of a 5 year old. `That together with my double vision makes reading a real problem.

After the swim I got really tired again and went to lie down and take it easy for an hour.

Cecilia came and woke me up for todays entertainment in the lobby. Real Swiss music and singing and dancing. We came down just ass a man started to play on a broom. It was one of my favourite brooms from the stable. Like the ones witches like to ride. So that makes an interesting instrument in Switzerland!

We then went and played 2 board games. I won one and Cecilia won the other one so it’s 1-1.

Then we went for dinner and Skype calling families in other countries. My daughters are so cute. I talked on the phone with Nicola and Millie and on Skype with Dan Myrna and Melonie.

So lovely to have a moment of close to normality.

My left side is really annoying me today. I’m  getting these small indications that I’m getting some feeling back but then like today I realise there really is not so much sensation. In my face for example I can feel nothing on my left side. Not in my mouth on my tongue or anything. Sometimes I think I am feeling more but then when you walk in to walls/doors or something hard and the only way you notice is because of the change of direction you are going… sad really.

So even though I yesterday was upbeat about no sensation, I’d like some back now please.

Tomorrow Sunday and I am doing a lot of resting. Monday I am going to an Epilepsy specialist in Zurich. A friend of my family is taking me as my family won’t be able to come tomorrow. Actually getting a little bit sad under my plastic bubble over that. Cecilia is coming back on tuesday so I wont be alone for so long. She is a saint!

Keep smiling 🙂 There is grace and goodness in this world

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