Bad Schinznach Day 14 Sunday

So end of my second week here in bad Schinznach- try to pronounce that with a half sleeping tongue!

The year 2012 has had an awful lot of energy in it. Good and bad it seams. My family were supposed to be here now but the last “casualty” of the bad energies were Millie catching some throat infection and staying in hospital 3 nights. Now she is back safe home so we have to be thankful and happy for that.

I have received my schedule for next week and other than a few mistakes like doouble bookings it looks pretty full on!

I have another tuesday with 6 sessions. They are mad aren’t they? On monday I have only 3 but also my trip to Zurich to see specialist.

Today we had decided no workout. So instead we started with breakfast in our own pace followed by some chilling in our room then I went for a massage. It was the first full body massage I have received after my accident. As my feeling is very low or non excitant on my left side I was worried about how it would feel. It was ok. It felt nothing like other massages I have ever had.

The strangest sensation was when she was finishing off on my face. Well my left side of my face has no normal feeling. There is some feeling, I can for example feel her hands on my face. But thats it. I can’t feel what they are doing. Thats kind of freaky. So I slip back in my bubble.

After the massage Cecilia awaits to help me back to lunch. She has been over to the fully naked area of the bath to check out. She heard you could/were supposed to wear a towel so she felt empowered by this information, but on her way in she saw the flash of a hairy bottom and she decided to brave it when there are two of us.

We decided on a quick walk before lunch and today I was listening extra carefully out for some birds and I heard some twice. So not too Hitchcock like today.

Lunch was delicious but Cecilia and I were both thinking about our new series on computer “Hart of Dixie”. Oh how totally watchable for me. Very slow paced, romance and kind people. Just enough for me!

Good things that happened to me in 2012:

I became Mallorcan Champion in show jumping with Eva Lux.

I finished Vatternrundan a 300 km bike race in Sweden.

We had a successful triple christening of our girls in Sweden.

So many of our friends and family have gotten married or had children so thats all good energy to take forward.

Sometimes I start weighing the good against the bad but that only drives me crazy. So I revert back in to my bubble again.

I took a few photos of my zimmer frame as this is what the pony is called in English. But I have mislaid my phone now where the photos are on so I will post pony on here tomorrow as I am returning him to the lady in charge tomorrow.

How will I survive? Without the pony? And no crutch either. I will see what happens tomorrow. My first session is at 8.30am so I will walk down straight from breakfast.

You would not believe it but now I can walk unaided for a lengthy distance. And stay on my two feet staining up on my own for minutes without rest. It’s just this change to become pony less tomorrow, I lose a little bit of the identity I have managed to get here.

Now I am going down to dinner. As Cecilia left at 3pm (she is coming back tuesday) I am eating dinner on my own. Hope you all have good company!

Thanks for reading and thanks for all your support!

Keep smiling 🙂 Have a thumb held tomorrow that all tests go well!

5 thoughts on “Bad Schinznach Day 14 Sunday

  1. Hey brave lady,
    I read your blog every day and am sending you lots of positive energy, reiki and love. I wish we were all a little closer to be able to spend some time at your side. It sounds like you’re making amazing progress Em. Step by step, day by day. All the best tomorrow with the specialist in epilepsy. And keep up the great work. I hope the first day without pony goes well. Thinking of you. Lots of love xxxx

  2. Hi Em. I get tired just reading about your days so it is no wonder you are so knackered. You are making amazing progress though and its great to read how much better you are getting every day. It won’t be long before it is all a distant memory and you will read your blog back and be astounded by what you achieved so quickly. So good to hear you have all your loving family and friends around you and that you and Cecilia will be braving the hairy bum brigade soon in the spa. I am really looking forward to that update :-). All our love and keep up the good work xxxx

  3. Hi Hun,
    Great progress in only a short time. Lots of people keep asking about you at shows. Alison and Michael Jones sent good vibes from Onley yesterday. Will try and call you next week in between your classes. Your so busy but all going in the right direction. lots of hugs xx

  4. 2012 is when I started following a blog, who would have guessed! You should have started a blog before the accident and should continue when this incident is in the past. Emelie B and her fantastic four – I’d read it everyday – and have added it to my daily start: Nytimes, Techcrunch, wsj and Emelie.

  5. Hey little lovey….so glad at the fantastic progress, even if it is tinged with sadness over lovely ol’ jimmy frame being taken away. It is obviously time to move on. So glad little Millie all better also. I have an exciting day tomorrow going to the tip with your lovely big brother. Try to give me a little thought as I try to illegally dispose of battery acid in the wrong area at the tip. I have included as my website, an interesting link for you……I miss and love you more than words can say. Keep your pecker up darling……..All my love Jess.xxxxxxxx

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