Bad Schinznach Day 15

Wow! I have survived 2 weeks here!

Today tough cookie day.

8.30am Physio with Ennio who claimed he can do the moon walk for everyones knowledge out there. He heard from the greek psychiatrist that I had written something aboout his below average skills in moon walking. This means 2 things. First Ennio might be a liar as I have seen no evidence today of his so called skills. I have a greek follower on this blog. We have about 200 people reading the blog every day! We work a little on jumping with Ennio. I get to jump and land “softly” on both feet. I jump (not high at all) and land with no silence what so ever. Think was more like tank than ninja. Practised and got a little better. Nearly fell twice and pulled my own shoe of once.

9am talking to doctors office to find out about missing files and adding appointment with doctor Koch later on this week.

9.30am Rosi picking me up to go to Zurich to epilepsy specialist. We got there early and headed in Rosi’s car in to the centre of Zurich. The neuro specialist centre is in Bellevue close to the Globus shopping mall. We headed in for a Starbucks coffee before the meeting. Coffee was awesome! Mmmmmm

I went in to have my brain scanned. An EEG I think it’s called. Basically a net is put on to your head then 30 or so metal bits are attached. Then some grey foul smelling putty is put underneath metal on top of hair and skin to make you look and smell awful. It also makes it possible to scan your brainwaves.

I have got a photo of me with said contraption on head but can’t upload it….

I had a 2min EEG and they make you hyperventilate and look at flashing lights etc. Had it done to me in Mallorca but here it was serious business.

We then went for lunch at a very nice french restaurant in Bellevue, close to the Opera. I had a risotto and a salad. It was great!

Back for my 1pm appointment with specialist. He was so happy about my brain scan. He said brain looked almost normal so this could be either I have a very normal brain or more likely my brain agrees with the medicine I am on and he told me to stay on that medicine until october 2013. He also said I could try to start riding again given I feel alright and it will bee safe to get on in beginning of february. 3 months after a major head injury with a brain bleed is what he said.

I have developed a more acute double vision since last week and he said Dr Koch would be able to sort that out. So hopefully without taping one eye shut, because I know thats not a great look. Going down stairs is dangerous as i see steps that are not even there. We headed down a lift and only thanks to the back wall I didn’t fall over!

Today is the first day for me without walking aids!

I must say for Zurich I brought a stick but only to keep people aware of me. That kind of worked. The woman that walked in to me super hard probably have a very sore shoulder now, luckily she hit my left side so no worries. She better watch out next time she sees someone with a crutch! She should slow down step to the side or something. My pink hair should also have scared her or something…

Back at clinic 2.30pm an hour rest before walking down the stairs for swimming gymnastic with Ennio 3.30pm. We did the snake under foot exercise as well as the jesus hands turning direction. I was most impressed by left hand that managed to pull down a ver floatable floaty thing that Ennio didn’t think I had the strength to pull under water and put my foot on top. Ha! I did it!

4.30pm Ergo therapy with Angelina. I got to do the putting in lego sticks as well as pulling them out on time as well as hand strength test. The plastic sticks I did a 19 second on my right hand (previously 20 and 28 seconds) and a 41 second with my left hand (previously 49 second and deemed non fit!) on the hand strength test where I last week scored a 4kg on my left hand I now managed to score a 7kg! (On my right hand I instead lost a kg. Down to 17kg but Angelina says this is normal so I’m  not worried!)

After all exercise I went back to my room for some chilling out time before dinner. Today dinner was interrupted by facebook messages from Sammy in England, thats 2 bonuses already 1 there was internet connection 2 got a lovely update on Sammy. It’s so good to have a little sister I never had for real.

My plastic bubble is almost deciding to leave me but then I realise I have a lot of further mending to do so I beg for bubble to stay as it’s making me stronger. Angelina today tried to prepare me for “plateuing” basically when you are getting stronger and better when you train all of a sudden you don’t feel like you are moving forward and this can happen to any of us. It’s like a step on a set of stairs you pick up new muscle and learn new tricks then it stabilises and you don’t feel like you are moving on any more. I think Angelina is worried I would lose my fighting spirit if I didn’t move forward at this pace all the time. She doesn’t know the fighter in me. It takes time to become a real tigress. We wait until the time is right and as a guide it’s not until I come back to Mallorca I will have to set the record straight. With some hospital workers. At Son Espases. As well as some very nice nurses and one very nice doctor there were terrible people I have heard about now. What was done to me. I have a hickey the size of a big coin, big and purple and it was from a needle. Maybe if I have the entire story told I would get it but now it just does not make any sense.

I am planning my going to bed now after such a busy day! I have not had a proper lie down or tried getting to sleep. Starbucks might be to blame for that who knows?

Keep Smiling 🙂 You never know sometimes you get a smile back!


5 thoughts on “Bad Schinznach Day 15

  1. Det går framåt i en förbluffande fart, full av beundran för dig och din envishet å styrka.. önskar att jag också kan komma och peppa ett par dar, du, rosa hår plus nakenbad med ludna rumpor 😉 ,, svårt att motstå! Försöker trixa om min flight till Hong Kong men det ser mörkt ut, jobbet inte helt sammarbetsvilligt men det e inte fredag än så jag har inte gett upp.ä


  2. Brilliant news from your specialist Emelie, and that he thinks you should be able to ride again so soon after your accident. Keep up the good work and build some proper chill out time for you into your programme. That spa sounds too good to miss by being in the gym all day 🙂

  3. Hey Em,

    Wow it’s amazing to read your progress. So you can ride when you’re ready too…I hope this gives you a huge lift.

    What you’re going through has to be one of the biggest challenges we can face. And every time I check in here you’re making more and more progress in your various therapy sessions. Keep up the amazing work. Sending you loads of love, energy and positive thoughts as ever. Looking forward to reading tomorrow’s bulletin.

    Lots of love x

  4. Brilliant, Amazing, Determined, Inspiration, Shining light, Positive, Beautiful, Strong…. Hero. These are the first things that come to mind when I think of you, Super happy that they are talking about riding already… I hope Lara is ready!! xxx

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