Bad Scinznach Day 16

Breakfast alone. Not often here but the day it happens I notice it. Especially today as their news letter was all about dental decease and rotting teeth and I am so worried about my teeth. Really need to go to dentist soon. (Read now) AAAAAAAaaaarrrggghhhh….. I am not frightened about many things but dentists are on the scary list.

8.50 Physio therapy with Marlene. First on a fit ball sitting on it not holding on to anything as I had managed yesterday. I wasn’t as good today as the ball was stiffer. Then she tried to get me to stand up on one leg but I had already peaked with my muscles so I just wanted to fall down on floor.

I am walking everywhere without any aid. Zimmer frame gone. No crutch needed or used and I do not use the lift any more so walking self up and down stairs. Going downstairs is a bit scary as it hits my double vision.

I have double vision all the time in certain areas. Looking down to the right is my worst area, but this area is now spreading further up. So now watching the TV is a double encounter. It’s easily solved by closing one eye but I don’t really want to patch up one eye. Not a good look.

9.20am psychology 1 hour. She was kind today and said many kind things. About my adaptable brain, how I look for new solutions and never look back and how quick I find and see patterns. Oh there was something else but my brain has chosen to forget it.

I talked to my mum again today and she is really coming on friday! I cannot wait!

11.15 Ergo therapy with Angelina we did proper planks. Where you keep hovering your body flat about a foot over the ground and stay there, also the moving stones and in a bucket full of coffee beans. I got to move stones  with left hand. Some where so heavy I almost couldn’t do it. In the end all 4 stones went in the bucket and I had to carry it with only my left arm…. gosh hard!

12.00pm waiting for Cecilia to arrive again

12.20 Lunch with Cecilia!!!! Yihaaa!! No more lonely me!

2.00pm Ergo therapy with Angelina. I played a game where I put 40 odd screws in to a board. Then I started to take screws out by jumping over them with one. The aim of the game is to have only one screw left at the end… I had 2. Angelina said she had never seen anyone get less than me, but I still see I can make an improvement. Next time I will get this!

2.30pm in the gym. With Marlene. So we went on my blue plastic pony again. It hasn’t got exercised all weekend or yesterday so it was really fresh! I nearly came offf it twice. In the end I let go of the reins and it settled. Still not showing any ability to jump..

We then took to 2 round fit balls and went stomach down rolling on top of ball. There stop and balance self with legs in air. Then turn hips and scissor legs both directions. Gosh hard! So we did this until my arms and legs were shaking out of control. `Then Marlene showed me a good stomach exercise I could do with the ball. Between my legs sideways and up and down. I have a problem with the lower back with the up and down one so will just stay with right and left until further notice.

Cecilia brought with her lots of candy! (that is real love) and she was watching Hart of Dixie when I came back. I had managed to watch 10 episodes without her… How is that even possible? Need to buy new series, will see what it will be,,,

Now awaits dinner and then a swim in the hot pool. Maybe we will brave the hairy men in the sauna area. Update tomorrow.

Cecilia is reading a new book. As scary as something I would not read at the moment. Its about the second world war. One person died every 4 second.

I heard from mum the end of the world was scheduled to the 21/12/12 but my psychologist Silvia claims that it’s a translation problem. This was the Maya indians that had this futuristic insight and people that had translated it had changed the meaning from the world will enter a new phase to the world will end.

She explained that this new phase could be a positive. For me it would really be. Whatever it brings let it bring change and positive energy!

Keep Smiling 🙂 The world is still a mystery

6 thoughts on “Bad Scinznach Day 16

  1. Heja Emelie!! Det låter som värsta militärövningar som du håller på. Jag skulle inte klara två dagar i rad med det tempot!! O vad ska jag skylla på?! Har både armar o ben i funktionsdugligt skick men ack så otränade……. Skulle behöva lite sträng disciplin…… Men du är verkligen en superstar, Emelie! Hälsa Eva på fredag när hon kommer. Jag tänker på er varje dag. Massor med cyberkramar AKS

  2. Hi Em, another great day, and amazing progress. I think you should ask Sam Scott for that special bit of hers for the blue pony, might help control him more and even help him jump!

    Now just hanging on in here for the hairy men update …. 🙂 x

  3. Dear Emelie,
    Here is Katja, friend of our Gesine…remember?
    We hear about your progress from Johanna and Dan, whom I crossed way with, today at the Hotel Portixol.
    You are in our minds & hearts soooo much these weeks, sending out love & hope & faith for you to get better every day.
    Dan says you make incredible progress.
    I read in every word of yours your strong, unbreakable lifeforce, your positive energy, your humor and your spark ! Emelie, what a wonderfully crazy character you are! Hold on to the hairy pool companiards and keep us posted!
    Soon you will be sharing the hot tups with your beloved ones!
    Feel hugged, very much hugged, Katja

  4. Hi Emelie

    I remember you pulling my leg about the stiches in my head last year in Majorca and telling me that it was nothing. You really didn’t have to go and show how much tougher you are than me – we knew that already!

    Brilliant to hear of your continued progress. All of my girls (and me) continue to send all our love to you (and your girls ……oh, and to him too). Keep up the good work!

    P.s. I’m so upset by all the references to the hairy men that I’ve shaved off my beard.

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