Bad Schinznach Day 9

Today tuesday.

First night spent on my own since accident. Felt OK but just can’t remember if I took my medicine last night or not, always easier when you have someone to remind you.

Today lie in. First lesson with Ergo therapy not until 9am.

Angelina (therapist) led me to the kitchen. There were lots of things to bake with. She said -Today we are making bread.

I got to measure up all ingredients. Then mixing them all together and kneading the dough. It was hard work for the little leftie! Then we left it to breathe a little as I went on my other lesson.

10.30am Physio therapy. Long walk to the gym followed by a ride on the blue plastic wonder horse again. It was so much easier this time! I could do all sorts of tricks on it and kept my balance most of the time.

I got very tired afterwards. It’s like this huge explosion of energy just leaves my body all at once and I could fall asleep just sitting down.

I had gluten and lactose free lunch served.

Another sleep. Dan called whilst I was sleeping. Oh dear I can’t remember what we spoke about. Hm, might need scan on brain again to make sure it’s fine.

Left side today felt some pain. Marlene said thats good. Pain is often the first thing you get to feel when you are getting your feeling back. Angelina said as long as the pain is not too sharp. I think the pain I felt was a bit duller. More a slow ache rather than an explosive knife edge. I will be able to update you tomorrow.

14.20 Physio therapy in gym again. I warned up on the bike again then I got walking on a wave-board. My legs already feeling the jelly-ness after the bike was shaking like mad. It got better when I bent my legs. I walked up and down the board probably 50 times before I was let lose on my new toy! I have had the wheelchair taken from me and have been given a walkies with wheels. Sorry don’t know what they are called in english. Here they are called Rullator. Mine is called Ideal. Now I can walk around pushing  my way forward and be noticed! I think I might miss the wheelchair but Ideal has got a few secrets like a sittable seat for example!

3pm I finished baking with Angelina the Ergo therapist. We did a german Sunday bread that looks like a plait. In the end after all the kneading and plaiting of the dough I got to paint it all with the yolk of an egg all left-handed!

Now I am waiting for my new company to arrive. They must have just landed at Zurich! it’s my lovely sister and I hope she can stay here for a few days! Hourrah!

I was speaking earlier to one of my therapists and about this bubble that I still feel that I’m in. It’s like both body and soul are trapped in this plastic bubble so my feelings are less. Both on the left side of the body but also with all my feelings. it’s like I’m on some really mind numbing medicine. It’s not that I can’t feel anything. I just don’t feel anything that takes energy from me. It’s so weird. Like my mind has cut off any emotional suffrage to save the bits that are left of me.

Yesterday I had some really bad news. About a horse in Mallorca. She had to have an operation yesterday and I was upset as we won’t know the outcome of the op until 20 days. If it didn’t work we will have to put her down and yes even though this is painful information and I would normally get more involved, feeling more. Now it’s just another problem that needs solving. No or little emotion. Maybe thats what I have become, an ice queen?

Does anyone know how I can add a photo here on wordpress? I will add one of the bread I baked when I get the know how.

Keep smiling! I’m walking!

5 thoughts on “Bad Schinznach Day 9

  1. Jag är superimpad av dig, jag är övertygad om att du inspirerar många, många med dina inlägg!

    Bilden: alldeles ovanför rutan där du skriver din text (i admin) finns några symboler. Tryck på kameran, så kan du välja vilken bild du vill lägga upp från din dator 🙂

  2. Emelie,we have had one heartache after another this autumn.The mind can only take in so much grief and sorrow at a time.The process of mulling it over and over and to make things understandable is for the mind or brain a slow-accept.If we could understand everything and deal with it emotionally we would instantly go mad.This ice princess feeling is a way of protecting you.I feel the same.Kisses

  3. hello Emelie
    You’re an inspiration my little cousin. Keep working at it, this will take time and patience and see how far you have come already – bread baking!! Eva is right, you have been through a lot this year so let your brain work its way through everything in its time. Thinking of you lots, and Eva you too.
    Lots of love and hugs. Aletta xxxooxx

  4. Du har en klok mamma vännen,, tummen upp för rullatorn 😉 och stressa inte, det viktiga är att det går åt rätt håll…

    Tänker på dig.. Kramar!

  5. Bread looks fab. Is it gluten free?! Keep up the good work Emelie, you are an inspiration 🙂 Lots of love from the lake that was once Warwickshire…. Dave is outside converting the tractor into an ark x

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