Bad Schinznach Day 7 Sunday

Heaven! Kids are here! And a very sore and sick husband.

Day started around 2am when Myrna decided her bed was too lonely. I then had small child and her fluffy toys move in with me.

Breakfast was a whole different story with children involved. I had planned on going to gym afterwards but I was so tired I went straight back to bed.

Myrna offered to bring me in my “wheel barrow”. Great! Now I feel like a real vegetable and all.

After my morning snooze we braved the hot pools of Bad Shinznach. They opened in 1651 so they are pretty special!

They have between 5-6 pools but we went in the biggest one.

You start indoors and then you swim under or through a plastic cover to get outside.

There are plenty of bubbles to be had. Sprinkles to stand under and a whole 68 meters fast stream you can get carried around by.

Dan and Myrna even tried an indoor cave slide with water and lighting. It scared Myrna and also Dan. Not somewhere to bring children under the age of 8 or 9 years.

I then got really tired again. Children and hot water taking my energy but at lunch we went to a close by airfield where they have a good restaurant and playing field with swings and seesaw for Myrna and Mel. We saw lots of planes landing and taking off. Beautiful setting and high entertainment value!

As it’ Sunday today I had no therapy. I also listened to Susanne from yesterday who said one day a week it’s good to relax the whole body and do no muscle training. Yesterday I felt fine and ignored listening to her, today I feel tired and I am so listening to the wise words…

Tomorrow I have a long day with several treatments the last being a water gymnastics. I will show her my skills! I can almost float and in the water I don’t feel as handicapped. (Although my stamina is way down on what I used to handle).

I think the biggest thing to overcome is my previous conception of myself. What am I? Who and what have I become? How has this accident changed me? I still feel like I am in a plastic bubble. Half protecting me and half hiding the truth.

Now Dan is feeling worse so I will take girls down on my own. We will see how that goes. Tomorrow I’ll tell you all.

Good night and keep smiling.xx

8 thoughts on “Bad Schinznach Day 7 Sunday

  1. Usch lilla gumman,låter inte så bra.Har Dan varit olydig och glömt sina lemsip.Är nu i Sverige för att träffa Träisk och Lars barn.Ja varifrån ska vi få tillbaka våra krafter.Men Emelie,du måste lära dig att ta det lugnare.Så fort begravningen är över kommer jag till Mallis.Puss

  2. I made it to dinner thank u Moneypenny. Em now watching a girlie movie, M&M’s watching Dora the Explora & me the grand prix (in German)

  3. Bravo Bond!
    And bravissimo miss moneypenny. I feel totally exhausted for you. You sound to b making immense progress! It’s bound to take time for your mental state stabilise. Not only have you been somewhere else, naturally you will reassess the whole meaning of life after this.
    Thinking about you all!
    And your mummy.
    Love you

  4. Now Em …… let’s take you back to the horses rehab idea you wanted to start at WGE you had when I first met you. How would you expect a horse to recover from what you have been through? I think for a first thing, you would be giving it a day off a week at least! So be proud of what you are achieving and give yourself a break now and then. Lots of love from us all x

  5. Em,
    Listen to Simone! She has spoken very wisely! You are doing great, and we all know you want to perform excellent at rehab, but remember your body still needs to heal and get stronger, doing so with exercise AND rest!
    You are still same wonderful Emelie, maybe just even more wiser!
    Lots of love,

  6. Tacka gudarna för att du är trött. Du kör ju på som en elitidrottare. Och du skriver underbart. Vi får ju följa varje intressant stund. Sammanhängande och roligt. Huvudet verkar det inte vara något fel på! Kärlek och tålamod är väl det enda som kan göra livet hållbart just nu. Jag sänder did massor med kusinkärlek och enorma kramar den virtuella vägen. Ebba

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