Bad Schinznach Day 23 LAST DAY!!!!

So it has come to this last day of training at Bad Schinznach! Wow what an amazing journey it has been. I have come such a long way in a short amount of time.

Started day by walking downstairs and nearly slipped over in stair, but this time i was walking closer to the right handrail so what could have ended up as a nasty fall down some steep stairs instead ended up with a quick catching of body falling on hand rail.

Not pretty but SMART!

Then breakfast.

8.45 Physio therapy with Ennio. We played a little football. Dribbling like yesterday but he could already see an improvement! Then we threw balls to each other and i had to catch and throw them one handed. I even managed to catch a tennis ball. He was very happy with what i did we also did some kneeling and getting up without using arms action. This afternoon I was supposed to have a swimming therapy, but he changed it and asked what I wanted to do, I wanted to run. Running it will be later this afternoon!

11.15 am Ergo Therapy with Angelina. We did the test for strength of hands as well as test on how fasrt you could put sticks in to holes and take them out again. Again I improved! On strength I jumped to 21.5 kg on right hand and 9.3kg on left hand. With the stick that first time I couldn’t even get one in I managed a18 second on my right hand and thats even good for a “normal” person and a 32 second on my left hand! Brilliant! I have done such progress here. And its fun when I have proof of it in times and strength and kilos!

Lunch I had on my own as mum was exploring the area on foot and walked in to Brugg and had lunch there.

2pm Ergo therapy for the very last time with Angelina. She had saved the hard work for the afternoon. We did lots of throwing with balls and dribbling gymnast balls. Hard and fast pace. Phew. I did some standing up push ups on balls and we finished off with pushing of arms up and round with shoulders. Have to work on co-ordination. Still not really in sync with left hand, but a huge improvement since first time i did it. So a happy/sad goodbye. Happy as I am leaving and going home in an improved state, sad as I am leaving my reality of now.

Here is another reality. Non of the stress of being at home. You just go where you have to be every hour. For food, doctors and physios. Hell, I quite like being institutionalised. Here it’s kind of awesome!

3pm meet up with Ennio for our outdoors run. It’s poring down. It’s very cold. He asks -Are you sure you want to go out?- Yes I said. Then I told him about this mornings near accident in the stairs. So then he took me to the stairs again to see how i managed to almost fall down it. Then it happened again. I very nearly lost my balance and got it back thanks to catching myself on the railing. My legs go like jellly when I slow down to the pace he wants me to go in. I think its a combination of double vision when I look down together with bad co-ordination and bad muscles. Never mind, he agrees that holding on to railing is probably for the best now. Ennio has made me a drawing with excersises that I should do when I go back home. He has painted in my pink hair! Very funny, otherwise I look very similar to a stick man and the excersises look boring…. never mind. They will be useful!

So then we head out in the cold and rain and we run. I feel almost like a real runner for the first 300meters. Then fatigue gets me. But we keep running/walking/skipping all the way down to the river and then look at the huge waterfall that has come because of all the snow falling and now melting. It’s so beautiful. We run with very short strides. All the autumn leaves crush under my feet. The river is right next to us. All grey and mysterious like rivers can be.

So my treatments here are over. I quickly go up to catch mum to go for a quick swim in the hot springs. We started of in the 25meters pool but it felt almost cold compared to the hot springs. So after 2 lengths we decided to head back to the river hot spring. There I managed to float on my back for the first time! After tea and multivitamin juice we went and had a lie down in our favourite sauna. Heaven!

When we got home I decided to colour my hair pink again. Well if there is one thing I used to do myself colour my hair is one of the things I always did. Well this could go either way. It’s a script for a last day catastrophe. I managed to dye my left ear pink. Not too bad. When I washed the colour out it dyed the entire shower and some towels and some floor pink. Lets hope the Swiss love the pink. Ah well. They will have to now. Have yet to dry hair to see what colour actually has got stuck to the hair.

Soon down for last dinner.

Keep Smiling 🙂 Somewhere some magic is truly happening.

5 thoughts on “Bad Schinznach Day 23 LAST DAY!!!!

  1. Hej Emelie

    Hoppas att Du orkar fortsÀtta att vara lika duktig nÀr Du kommer hem.
    Antar att Du lÀngtar hem till Din familj. TÀnker ofta pÄ Dig. SÀg bara till framöver om Du vill ha besök.
    Stor kram frÄn Margareta i ett vintrigt Stockholm

  2. Hey Em, can’t believe the progress you’ve made here. You must be so proud of yourself. Have a safe trip home. Look forward to reading your next post and seeing the outcome of your hair…Mila is still adamant to dye hers pink too. Sending you lots of love, light and determination xxxx

  3. Well done Mrs Marsh! Great work so proud of you!! I am going to miss reading your blog… Maybe you can carry it on in Mallorca for a bit!?
    I love love love that you have dyed half of the bathroom Pink.. I’m sure they will love it and defiantly never ever forget the crazy Swedish chick with pink hair!!
    Safe flight to Mallorca have fun with the M&M’s xxxxxxxxx

  4. Ja! FortsĂ€tt blogga! Varje kvĂ€ll sitter jag och vĂ€ntar pĂ„ ett nytt inlĂ€gg frĂ„n dig 🙂 Det Ă€r spĂ€nnande, roligt, inspirerande och bĂ„de hjĂ€rtevĂ€rmande- och rörande.

    Hoppas att snöovĂ€dret inte stĂ€ller till det för dig i dag – hĂ€r Ă€r alla flyg instĂ€llda… Ha en bra och sĂ€ker resa hem till familjen <3

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