Going back home

Started day early with a smile on face. Sure last night had been kind of hectic as I had started packing and thus realizing I did not have a big enough bag for all my stuff as well as Dan’s and the girls leftover clothes. I calculated I was about a medium size bag short.

Breakfast we had in total harmony. My gluten free bread arrived fine. My lactose free milk and English breakfast tea. But I was missing something! My lactose free yogurt! How dare they? But as it was the last day they could get away with it I guess.

I was feeling strange. Mallorca feels so far away yet I’m on my way home now. Mum is going to Sweden and from there we only heard that planes were delayed or cancelled because of a huge snow storm. Poor mum she might have a night in zurich.

Anyway, got to see and say goodbye to my therapists. I brought them some Swedish crisps as we never ate it. Caroline seamed excited about them.

I said goodbye to my fellow patients. Some were going to be stuck at Bad Schinznach over Christmas. I don’t envy them. Even though the Christmas decorations are awesome already. I’d rather be at home with my family.
We had ordered a taxi for 12 and before that I had mentioned in reception I was 1 medium bag short. So they sent up a perfect size bag! It fitted all the things that wouldn’t fit in my other bag!
I finished packing and even managed to close the zip by myself.
My bubble was helping me as I had some problems regarding my level of disability.
Thank you bubble! Will keep you for some more weeks.
In the taxi on the way to airport my brother in law Micke called to say he was on the same flight as me! Oh how fun. No need to be all alone for ages.
Got checked in at wheelchair assistant check-in. It’s great as you then get help to and from the gates.
I knew Micke was at the central cafe, mum went straight to see Micke and I got a driver and then got taken through security.
I had another call from Sweden saying there was snow storm going on still. Oh dear, I wonder if mum will get to Stockholm today.

Our flight to Palma went on time. It was full so Micke and I did not get to sit next to each other. So the hour and a half flight was spent looking through magazines.

When we got to Palma a special vehicle was awaiting us. We went to the front of the plane and then out on the right side.(yes where it’s normally closed/locked)there was a special ramp, and then a special car on stilts. It was amazing! Me and Micke walked in to the special car and sat down! It was as high as the plane, then the stilts lowered themselves to ground level. And the man drove us to the luggage pick up. Awesome! I was in a wheelchair again but I really didn’t mind as we were travelling at such speed.

After bags were picked up we went outside to find… Myrna and Melonie with a massive banner! WELCOME HOME! It said. The wheelchair driver rolled me underneath it and i got kisses from my angels!

I was starting to feel real again. For the first time in a long time.

When we went in to car park to find the car and went to the wrong level in the lift I felt more at home. At home Nicola had made dinner for us and I saw Millie for the first time in a long time. She couldn’t really look at me in the beginning, but after dinner it got better.

When we got to sit down in front of In the night garden, all Millie’s fear of me had disappeared. She was soon cuddling up to me like she normally would have.

I am keeping the plastic bubble for when I feel a little bit of an outsider to the family.

Now tomorrow is a red day in Spain. So we will all be at home doing christmas decoration. I have a program with home training that I could start with.

Very hard of how to see how it will all fit in to my real life. What is my real life at the moment?

Heard from mum she is stuck in Hilton Hotel in Zurich this evening. Poor mum. Lets hope she gets away soon tomorrow.

I on the other hand have definitely arrived home. I feel tired without any physio therapy today. Yet my legs are shaking like mad when I stand up. Very little actual exercise but a lot of emotions in one day.

Keep Smiling  🙂 Some days you arrive home and you know it!

8 thoughts on “Going back home

  1. Wow! Lots to take in for you. I’m sure it’ll all normalise in a matter of days and as you get stronger it can only get easier. Keep hugging that bubble baby!! xxxx

  2. Välkommen hem Emelie!
    Låt nu familjen skämma bort dig ordentligt. Spoil you rotten, helt enkelt!
    Du fortsätter väl att blogga!?

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