Bad Schinznach Day 22

Wow the start of week 4 at Clinic Bad Schinznach.

Mum had also got an early start seeing a doctor so we were both up before 7am. There were still snow outside so I thought no running outside today.


I have not been thinking about days here other than weekends being a little less workload but today it was Monday. Mondays I used to love. It used to be the day I drove the kids to school then go to yoga. It was when I used to do horses in the afternoon and then have riding lessons for kids from the Swedish school. Oh it feels like a lifetime ago. My day started today at

9am Ergo therapy with Angelina. My left arm was still playing up and Angelina put some magic tape on it. It goes all the way up my left arm from the wrist to the elbow. It’s black. Not very camouflaged. After the tape we played a game I won. Only because Angelina put a rule she wasn’t allowed to take more than 3 at the time…

I was redecorating the inside of my plastic bubble as mum and I almost got back to old times. But as I have this plastic bubble there was no fighting. Oh the joy.

Mum went to talk to a psychologist and I went for my

11am Physio therapy with Ennio. Marlene has quit so only Ennio now. We did some work on the ground where i had to stand on my 2 knees. Then balance on one knee. And slowly take that knee forward and stand up. Sounds easy enough. But it was hell. My legs were shivering. Ennio says its the muscles getting back to work. Although he is getting more cautious about what he says to me. He said the dynamic work was good as we finished off playing football. The dribbling of the ball and either passing it to Ennio or rolling it back or just stopping the ball all went good. My static work I need more help with. All the quiet, still, slow work. I need some work with slowing down.

It is 2 months today since the accident. It could have been 3 years for me. I feel so unconnected with all.

Life in general i wonder? That will be the biggest question for me. How do I slow me down? I’m the quickest person I know. Not just riding, but in life. I make decisions ultra quick, never to look back again, never to regret. I eat quick even when I think about it and try to eat slow. I can’t even manage slowing that down how do I manage to slow life down?

Then we had lunch.

After lunch we walked over to the shop that is situated close to the hotel. We had no luck, as it was monday it was all closed until 2pm.

2pm More physio therapy with Ennio in the gym. But to start with we were making a training schedule for my return home. Things I could do at home on my own and things I could do training wise as well as with physios in Palma. We finished off the lesson with a bit of skipping rope. I managed to skip 5 times in the row! Then he was brutally honest with me and said. -I think you might fall again. You strike me as the kind of person that might just get yourself in a situation. What on earth could he mean? He took out some mats then asked me to fall backward then roll off the mat. We continued by falling forwards, sideways and rolling on my shoulders. In the end he looked pleased. Almost wonder if he thought to himself “yeah next time she falls she will roll out of it no problem” I did show him the evidence of photographs from yesterdays accident where the full frontal fall was non mistaken on either my clothes or the marking in the snow. Ah well I might fall better in a controlled environment. We then went through training methods. Thai Chi and yoga top of his list but rather than to start in a group do a 1 on 1 to start you off. Running could be good. But I need someone with me to tell me to drop bad habits. Finished with Ennio for today.

I went to look for mum in the shop. She was nowhere to be found, but I very narrowly escaped falling over again very close to where it happened yesterday. Maybe the training had worked?

15.15 Ergo therapy with Angelina. Balls, stand up push ups. Hard. Then a lie down plank… no two of those.. so hard. Finished off with some full frontal swimming. On bed, arms out in front of me and paddle like hell. High arms, drop head down. Forward then pull arms backwards, shoulders touching. That 16 times x3. Ouch! Finished off with some re-allining of shoulder. Sitting up. She looks so pretty and not evil at all, but boy does she know how to work you.

15.45 psychology with Silvia. Last session with head doctor. Now realise I should have asked her question about slowing me down. We had 45 min talking about my feelings about going home. What would change? How I have realised since my accident in my bubble, everybody shows/tells me their ailments. Almost to try and equal me. Silvia says it’s normal. They try and make me feel closer to alright because they are also ill. How does this work? Anyway I from now on ban people voicing their ailments to me unless they need me to treat them.

16.30 psychic phone call. I have this friend in Mallorca and she put me in touch with this healer woman. We had a 30 min conversation. It was very interesting. I will tell you more later.

Had locked self in room for privacy. Mum now back from the shop, desperate for loo. No more privacy and last 10 minutes of the phone call were a little less healing more stressing.

Mum and I went to the hot springs again. Heaven. We should all have a hot spring at home. Lets all move to Iceland!

Dinner was lovely as usual. my desert was plums in cinnamon. Who would have known it works so well?

Keep Smiling 🙂 If I fall from today on I know how to land!

3 thoughts on “Bad Schinznach Day 22

  1. Älskade fina du! Du fixar detta. Man fixar det för att man måste. Om du behöver sakta ner så gör du det. Först får man sörja det som gått förlorat, låta det ta tid. Sen bygga upp det nya. Nytt liv, nya förutsättningar. Samma fantastiska du! Kroppen är bara behållaren, skalet, det finns reservdelar 🙂
    Massor av kärlek och pepp från en annan dimmig hjärna,

  2. Em. Sounds like you’re working hard as you do at everything – and making a impression with the people at the hospital – as you do! If you do slow down at all, it will only get you normal anyhow.

    Saw Dan last night – we went for a Cuzza, really great to catch up – hope it’s with you too next time.

    We are keeping up with your progress, and sending you lots of love.

    Lee and Torz x

  3. Skönt att läsa om dina framsteg! Vill veta mer om vad Mrs Healer sa till dig!

    Du får be Dan fixa en bubbelpool att ha i trädgården vid poolen där du kan sitta och få varm massage och hålla ett öga på hundar och ungar!
    Stor kram från ett iskallt snöigt stockholm // Jenny

    p.s ska titta på ponny videon 🙂 men har ett sto på g.

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