Bad Schinznach Day 21 Sunday

Weekend again! I had planned today with caution. My alarm would not awake me before 8.30am. Lie in! Mum woke up with a big jolt at 6.11am. Deciding she was awake by then she said -We go up now won’t we? -No. I said very firmly as I turned over and tried to ignore her heavy breathing and exciting moving feet.

At 7am I had to give up as she said -You are so quiet when you sleep. It’s like you are dead almost. Ah well, at least that was a wake up greeting.

So I got up and got ready as sshe was fiddling on her iPad. When I was ready to go down for breakfast she was not ready to eat as she had had her medicines. So I went down on my own for a lovely breakfast. Mum joined me after a while.

Snow. Oh my god. How much snow that has fallen over night! I said we should go outside for a walk to take photos of the snow. Mum was doing a million things so I said I would walk outside on my own for a bit. Just to take some photos of the hot springs.

hot spring with swimmers

Mum was going to join me later.

I went out the backdoor. So beautiful. The snow was still falling in big flakes. It was so quiet. No one was outside. I walked along the back of the building and then as I was admiring the grandness of the snow it happened. I can’t even blame living in Mallorca, or coming from England. I’m Swedish originally and that should have taught me something. As I was walking along the patio I had ignored one important piece of information. Snow is cold. It’s made of water. That when made warm melts and when cold freezes to ice… Ice on a cold surface is slippery. Covered with snow, ice becomes very slippery. Well the entire back garden patio of ceramic stones had been covered with the nights snow. Some had melted on the stones when they fell down. Melted to water then freezing to ice… then covered with snow… trap… Well had i been a foreigner it could have been a trap. As a swede I should have spotted it straight away. As my feet continued to explore the surface underfoot my body slipped forward suddenly as i was caught by a slippery patch. Before I could even think “what the hell am I slipping?” I was already face forward on the ground! Snow in my face and wall over my front. As I had held my iPhone out as a camera it was full of snow. I wiped it off feeling for injuries as I was catching my breath and slipping around as i got to my feet.

crime scene after fall

My left hand had taken a bit of a strike with the fall. I called Dan, to tell him about the snow and my lucky very close to death encounter but as he answered, I heard him, but he could not hear me.

I called back on other phones but he could still not hear me. I called my brother instead as something was wrong with phones in England. Still I could hear my sister in law great but she heard nothing. Oh great, so it’s my frippin’ phone! After a couple of SMS we decided to skype instead as my brother had arrived with the dogs and mums car from the UK the night before. I tried Skyping from my phone, again no sound from me. I heard Bitte sister-in-law perfect and saw her as well. We played a game where she did the talking and i nodded orr thumb up os shook my head. I then gott to talk to my brother. He got everything I said! Brilliant! You could really see we are related! He even got some weird texting I did about mum, but then I got it, all of a sudden my phone worked again! As I was doing crazy charade I had been talking loudly! Result I could communicate again! Coffee and Clones were greatly at home at my brothers! I was talking to Coffee on Skype. She was happy to hear me but was looking for me everywhere.

Lunch today was going to be a treat.

We were going to be picked up at 11am and driven to the Ebners for lunch! Martin and Rosi live just next to lake Zurich. When we got there we could not see anything because of the heavy snowfall, but during lunch the weather cleared and we got a lovely view over the lake as kites (the bird of prey) where doing slow gymnastic turns as the sun was shining on the ferry crossing the lake.

When we got back we went and had a swim in the hot springs. We swam some lengths (no 1.5 km but maybe 100m) Afterwards we went for a sit in the lovely sauna again. This time it was full of swiss people. They had different ideas of what the sauna was good for and they got busy trying to shuch us when we were just talking. As if they were offended by not knowing what we were talking about. We decided to leave the sauna to have time for a shower and a rest before dinner.

At dinner I was so tired I nearly fell asleep. Both mum and I have treatments tomorrow. And we have both got early starts.

Tomorrow I also have a very interesting phone call with an american healer. She has come very highly recommended so I am very excited about it all.

Today “Johan Bjorkmans hall” a training arena for Djurgardens football and sports club named after my father, has had its inauguration! My brother and uncle went so hopefully will have more info tomorrow.

I’m trying to upload photos but there are many technical errors…

Keep Smiling 🙂 There are always things that surprise you!

3 thoughts on “Bad Schinznach Day 21 Sunday

  1. Ja, eftersom varken jag eller Dan hörde något så beror det nog på nån knasgen inom Björkmansläkten 😉

    Passar på att tips om broddar! Sååå pensionär, men man slipper halka omkring.

  2. Hello Emelie ! Sounds like you had a lovely sunday…Zurich is gorgeous around its lake with snow…its almost magical. Shame that the swiss have to spoil it with there sooo tooo serious attitude…no chatting along in the sauna? Thats what its there for!…to catch up and to sweat! Anyhow….if the Healing recommendation comes from Gesine, than I know who she is…she does magic! Have a wonderful, progress-full day,
    Sending you love , katja

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