Bad Schinznach Day 20 Saturday

First day with mum here.

4.24am mums alarm clock goes off in her bag. It’s so load I am afraid it will wake neighbours. Mum awakes a little bit and said -Oh you’ll be able to fall asleep again won’t you? Has she not read my blog? -No. I answer her in my plastic bubble. There is no point in trying to make my sleeping pattern a rosy unreal story. Once up after 4am seldom asleep again.

I will torture mums alarm clock and get rid of any batteries stuck in him before bed time.

So my mum arrived safe any ways. I was asleep when she arrived here at 11.30pm. Way after my bed time. She came with as much packing as I would bring for my entire family for a holiday a week somewhere. I guess she has really moved out of Wootton Grange Farm.

This morning I had already been awake since after 4am so I went up around 7am for a shower and to get ready for breakfast. Mum was very tired, but she eventually saw the good in coming for an early breakfast and then accompany me for my first and todays only

8.50am Physiotherapy with Miriam. A new therapist as it’s a saturday. She was lovely and she made me do lots of silly things on a fit ball. Honestly, how many exercises can you do on a fit ball? I couldn’t do the scissor again because of pain in my left wrist. Angelina can maybe tape it with the magic tape monday.

11am me and mum walked over to the hot springs. We had some grown up bubbles and tea and we were by ourselves. Then we walked over to the kids hot pool and had a go on the river flow and in the bubbles. It was very relaxing.

Lunch at 12.30pm. We had lovely food with risotto. I had cod with risotto and I think mum had veal with risotto. Mum was checking out what the other residents were drinking and asking me. I said -Yes some of the residents do have wine or other alcohol to their meals. -Oh how unhealthy. Well there is often alcohol in the desserts I said and I was not wrong again. Mums dessert arrives and it’s full of Cognac. She got very happy.

Then some relaxing time in the room.

3pm massage at spa. Mum got a lady masseuse I got a male one. He was very good but the rule about nakedness in any spot of heat (saunas) and closeness (saunas) people expect you to go naked for your massage as well. Well that didn’t happen for my male masseuse. He had big granny knickers to deal with rather than my crispy white bottom. He was very good and at times I think my feeling on my left was coming back but then I could feel him go over knots on the left side of my back that I knew should hurt a lot. Couldn’t feel them, at all.

4pm musical entertainment in hotel lobby. Pianist and flute player. I knew mum wanted to go, I was still dressed in my robe as I entered the full hotel lobby. Mum was dressed in clothes and sitting on first line. Ok she can be the one from our family joining in todays musical activity. I instead went upstairs for a shower and some relaxing time. Alone.

I had had mums live commentary all day long. Fisrt walk to breakfast: -You walk like you have lost lots of muscles. -You mean you think I look like I have pooed myself? -No you just walk like you have lost all your leg muscles in between your legs. Well I do walk a little funny I admit, but really like I have lost muscles?

First stairs: -Oh should you really walk there? It looks much worse on that side. (meaning the steps were shallower on the right side)- Yes my right side is better for me to hold on with as I fell yesterday in the stairs.

In the pool: -Please don’t have an epileptic attack now we are in the water because it’s so misty I can’t see you then. – I’ll try not to.

Tonight we are going to have dinner in the restaurant and maybe a film or something on my computer later. We will see, mum might want to go clubbing? It’s a saturday night after all!

Keep Smiling 🙂 Dan is doing a bike thing in London where he is giving all visitors chocolate marshmallow fountain. So I wish I was there but if you were lucky you!

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  1. Just catching up with your blog today. What fantastic progress you continue to make, spurred on my Eva 🙂 ! Those exercises sound really hard, not sure half of us could do them and you are sailing through it all. Lots of love to you and Eva xx

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