Bad Schinznach Day 19

Had no one noticed?

I was a day wrong?! Anyway I have sorted it now! No need to worry!

So an early morning for me and Cecilia. As there had been lots of threats of hue snow storms and bad road conditions Cecilia had decided to leave at 8.30am to give herself two or three spare hours to get home to pick  her kids up from kinder garden. She scored a little higher on the test I gave her yesterday as she hadn’t done the second page. She had scored 9 points on the first page and I said she was not allowed to score more than 3 points on the second page as that would make her in the risk zone of being depressed. I think her leaving early because of bad weather maybe is another indicator that she is more fragile than me in my plastic bubble, but I’ll give her a break. Thanks again lovely cousin for coming down here and having a good time with me!!

So my day started with breakfast that now came out very fast. They actually knew `cecilias extra order by heart now. Double expresso with hot milk. Impressive!

9.30am Ergo therapy with Caroline. She couldn’t believe the difference in my arm after the magic tape. And neither can I. 3 pieces of tape put on my body i 3 different places to me all unrelated to my shoulder but apparently not. The shoulder is so fine today even though Ennio’s crazy swimming yesterday had pulled a few more things in the shoulder wrong. I am a believer. of the magic power of the tape put on by Angelina! But on my way down to therapy I heard Ennio’s voice in my head “go slower, like Thai-Chi in stairs”, so I was trying to walk down so slow and I nearly fell down. Luckily I fell sideways and could catch myself on the left railing. Well that slow shit isn’t for me I tell you. I hit my left foot against the step but no blod and as it was left side, no pain!

So I went in with Caroline. We shared a room but soon scared the other patients away by being me. I had to stand up on a prickly blow up plastic thing, whilst doing a game of removing pins by “jumping” over them. First time I got it all wrong and I had 7 left on the board. The second time I had 3 left. It’s so annoying. You should be able to do it and only have 1 left. I will find out how. Then we did some volley balling with a ballon. And then a bigger ball. And lastly smaller balls. I managed to catch the smallest ball 15 times! Last time it just bounced off me!

11am Marlene that was not ill today for my last lesson with her. We were in the gym and started off on the trampoline. Then we went on a machine that is like a cross fit, only bigger and heavier. I went on it on a 7 degree incline and she said I could go on this for between 3-5 minutes, but today only to do two minutes. After that we went through to lift left and right leg up. Funnily I can lift my left leg up well but the right one isn’t as good. I was doing some walking in squares again and finished off running in squares, Double vision was not so bad early in the morning.

I got a phone call from Cecilia telling me she was home! No snowing on the way back but very pretty scenery as all fields were white.

Lunch was eaten alone. Luckily my internet worked on my phone so I could check out facebok and twitter.

Have become a little bit of a loose canon here. Not that I will turn around and fire at anyone but I have no newspaper I can read and only CNN on TV for updates on what happens in the world. Well what happens in the world of CNN that is. And my internet in the room is on and off and I normally just check out the BBC news on telly but today I gave both BBC online and CNN a bit of a watch. Depressing, even inside my plasic bubble, the world is coming to an end, surely I could feel it from thw “news channels”.

Well today it’s the opening of hotel Valluga in Sant Anton. Thats some good news at least! Their new swimming pool looks amazing! And they already have snow in the slopes so great if you are a skier and healthy enough to ski.

Today my mum is coming as well! She is landing late from the Birmingham to Zurich plane. She will probably arrive here around midnight, so I will be fast asleep I would think.

My second therapy was with Ennio. I was telling him off about slow walking. But he didn’t listen just made me do more of it. Ice skating reall Thai-Chi slow, when I used my arms to hold a pretend club and score a pretend goal, Ennio was just tut-tutting. Asked me to do it again without trying to play hockey. When I tole him about the incident in the stairs this morning he took me straight to the stairs for some exercise. So slow. And so hard! My legs were wobbling. Oh I don’t make a good patient. To hell with all the slow, get there in time stuff. I want it to work now! i have known how to walk for years now! I have been if not a professional stair walker, I have walked in many stairs. I have run and skipped and jumped. I have known how to do it all. But my frickin’ body has forgotten…

My second Ergo therapy with Caroline I was almost late for. Just all the annoyance from not doing everything perfect had made me forgotten that I had another session. My double vision is back with a vengeance so I have to chose which square or what telly to look at. Very annoying! Caroline concentrated on treating my left side. She was very impressed by the difference in two days. But I think it’s the magic tape.

Let’s put some magic tape on my brain and maybe by whole body will come back again?!

I asked Caroline if they can see what a person is going through depending on how they walk. She said yes you can see if a person has Parkinson’s, MS or some other diseases. They all need different treatment so there is no one way to treat patients with similar problems. I look like a mixture of Mike Tyson and a wounded animal when I walk. At least in the beginning before I loosen up and warm up a bit. After a while I look a bit more like I’m not sure, you can probably still see there is something not right with me but you might think I am drunk?

Maybe my plastic shield is coming off? Maybe it’s time for me to face reality now? Not sure la la la la la… ah the music is still here, bubble still on. I am still protected!

Keep Smiling 🙂 You know you will feel better when you do!


2 thoughts on “Bad Schinznach Day 19

  1. I love weading your stories memelie. U make me laugh. I can so imagine it all!
    Really wish I could come spend some time with you! 1st exam tues
    How many days u got left?? Hope u enjoy time with your mama xxx

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