Bad Schinznach Day 18

So today I was hoping for good weather as I was going to try out my new running style outdoors. Was woken up by a gentle splatter on my window. I looked outside only to see what I feared, it was raining, with a threat of snow imposing too.

We went for breakfast and then my first therapy.

8.30am Ergo therapy or occupational therapy with Angelina. She was worried about movement in left arm and we spent a lot of time trying out my “numbness” or lack of “numbness” in key areas of my left arm. She then taped a lot of spacial healing tape to help my left shoulder. I have the tape on 3 places. 1 on the shoulder. 1 on my back and a surprising one on my tummy! Have no idea how this works

but it’s doing something!

For the record: I am getting more sensation back in the left arm. It’s not only good news, as all the sensations I have are pain-related. Andd when Angelina is involved it’s a lot of pain. She also informed me that Marlene was sick. Oh no, then there will not be any running outside I thought. Angelina said, -You will have Ennio instead. Aha I thought, he doesn’t know about the deal with Marlene about the fair weather. So I just went and found him in the gym and said -I hope you have good outdoors stuff as we are going for a run outside today. Ennio looked a little surprised but fair play to him he agreed!

10:40am Physio therapy with Ennio. We met up by his changing room. He asked – Are you sure you want to do this? -Yes! I said and out we went.

It was just a light drizzle more than this mornings heavy flow of constant rain. There was also the odd snowflake mixed in with the light rain. Ok here we go. I started by warning Ennio about my resemblance of a shot animal whilst running he assured me he would be able to help with technique.

I’m not sure what I had expected but first we run up behind the hotel towards the railway. I was running in my usual style as there was no squares to put my feet in. Ennio then asked me to skip. Like twice on one foot then twice on the other. Funnily enough this worked better on my left leg than my right leg. Skipping has never been that hard before, Ennio is very good at finding out what in your movement is wrong and what to change to make it better,

What was happening was when i skipped on my right leg my left leg was swinging forward making it impossible for my body to come up. So i changed and instead lifted the left leg upwards and it made all the difference. Then Ennio told me to lengthen my stride to allow the body to pass my legs when I was running and sink down more and all of a sudden I didn’t feel as awkward any more. We went back to the hotel again and when we got there he said -You want to go there again? -Yeah, alright! I said impressed I was going to get let loose on the grounds again. We ran up and back down again and at the end I was feeling it! It’s close to 500m to the rail track so back and forwards twice makes almost a 2km run. Amazing as I have only walked un aided for 4 days!!!

Ok there is still lots to be asked about my style of both walking and running but I am improving every day. Cecilia wanted to video me today but I said no. For the same reason as before. If I would take a photo or make a video of anyone else with my level of disability and then post it online people would find it offensive. So I just wait until I am better.

After a good rest we had some lunch and after lunch i went to my

1.30pm Psychology with Sylvia. We were talking a lot about different things and all of a sudden she asked, -Oh I know you don’t seam like you are depressed but I printed this test out for you so you can see where you are really. So I am still in my plastic bubble so my score was super low. I scored a 5.5points You are not depressed if you score lower than 13. I gave the test to Cecilia, she scored 9, so there, maybe she should get one of these plastic bubbles? Or maybe when I do this test in 3 weeks time I get a higher score?

I won’t bore you with the questions now but I often found myself between 2 answers giving me half points. That seams fairer. One of the questions for example is about sadness. How often do you feel sad? 0. I never feel sad 1. I often feel sad 2. I feel sad all the time 3. I’m so sad or unhappy that I can’t stand it. As a hospital visitor with a poorly father in-law, away from my entire family I do feel sad at some times but not often as 1. states. So I’d give myself 0.5 on that one as I can still feel something, even though I have my plastic bubble on I am not totally without feelings.

2.30pm Ergo therapy with Angelina. Weight lifting. Don’t get any massive weights in your mind we are talking 500grams max. Then lifting straight arms without zig zagging or waving arms backwards and forwards. Not easy.

3.15pm Swimming with Ennio. Or should I say looking like a fool in the pool with Ennio. I was trying to balance 2 floaty plates under foot and nearly fell over. I walked in the stair getting in and out of the pool to try and control the wobbly wobbles from my legs protesting. Having to wobble up and down a fair 10 or so times before I was let go. -You have to work on that. was Ennio’s parting words. Think about Thai-Chi. To make it slower.

Alright I thought I am going as slow as I can. If I slow it down any more I will seize living. So this is how I need to live more like a Thai-Chi person than a speedy show jumper. Gosh, well there is always time to change!

Cecilia has swam 1.5km in the rain. But the pool was warm.

Cecilia also found out that you could order “the swedish cake” Prinsess tårta! In the coffee shop where they have the live piano player. So we had a coffee and a piece of cake (not really gluten or lactose free but who cares?) It was delicious! With green marzipan on!!!

Oh after all the training today I felt very tired. Almost like going to bed, but I stayed up and went for a pedicure. My toes are a sparkly gold now. There was very little sensation in the left foot compare to the right. But all of a sudden I could feel some trims under my foot. Result! It was not pain this time it was more tickle!

Lets hope for more of this sensation!

Dinner and Skyping with Danny and my daughters and Nicola! So lovely to talk to all my girls!

Keep smiling 🙂 There are some people that run for no reason! But they can run!

5 thoughts on “Bad Schinznach Day 18

  1. Det behövs inga filmer – du skriver så att jag ser allt tydligt framför mig. Tror att alla som följer dig gör det. Och blir mycket imponerade! Du är grym, Emelie <3

  2. Read your blog every day and am always blown away by your upbeat attitude and your amazing progress. It is uplifting and inspiring to read, keep up the great work!

  3. Hey there! This sounds like a boot camp, my dear! Luckily you get some calories back with your green marzipan!
    Keep it up, keep it up!

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