Back in hospital

I am quite a regular at places like this! Juaneda hospital in Palma de Mallorca. Although today I’m not here for one of my ailments, today I’m here for my daughter. She came down with a temperature over the weekend, then it has stayed put, on and off over the week. She hasn’t been able to eat or keep any food down for the last couple of days. Yesterday her sister also started to have a fever.

Today she was so weak she nearly passed out twice, I had decided coming back early from the horses to take both girls to hospital. Here the doctor checked them both out and decided to keep Myrna in here. After blood, wee and poo samples all was gathered we managed to get a bedroom close to where I used to live. (In the first month after my “initial” accident). The start of this blog. It kind off stared here. Now that I’m back, blogging about sickness with the ventilation systems whirring in the background, like I never left. 

It’s a strange feeling. Not as strange as this week but quite. Other than Myrna’s illness we have had an awful week.

Yesterday we had an earthquake like experience in our house. Water just poured in by the bucket load. And it kept coming even after we turned off all water. It turned out to be a faulty thing on the water deposit, but it’s unheard off not having a safety overflow valve on the system… We might have to change everything downstairs. Today my world has been shaken yet again. My lovely sofa buddy, my caretaker, friend and thunder buddy Smilla has passed away. There is no better word for it. She was here last night and we shared the sofa downstairs during the night and this morning she was just a little bit weak. 

After I came back from the stables I couldn’t find her. This afternoon when I was in hospital, Dan found her, he said she looked like she had fallen asleep behind the bar. She was a once in a lifetime dog and only because I’m in the same room as other people all the time here at the hospital, I have had to keep it all together. I need to break down just a little bit. I need to find my space where I can cry and allow myself to grieve her. But at the moment I have to stay strong and together, not be to angry about our house falling apart, not let the loss of Smilla unearth me, no now I have to stay strong for the bravest little girl I have, Myrna.

Keep smiling 🙂 if not for anything else, the irony of everything… 


4 thoughts on “Back in hospital

  1. Kan inte sätta ord på vad jag känner inför allt ni tvingas gå igenom. Vi finns här och gör vad ni vill som kan vara till hjälp.

  2. Dear Emelie, your life is like a novel. I can’t believe the things that happen and am again astounded by your amazing strength. I’m sorry i haven’t ‘logged in’ for ages but i think about you all loads and get updates from mum. I hope your beautiful myrna is now ok and i am so so sorry to hear about your dog. Am hoping we might see you next week but really, really, you have so many more important things going on and maybe you need to keep family centred and we can save meeting up for another time. Guy sends his love too, millie xxxxxx

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