Disgusting toes

I thought I should share. My big toes are now disgusting. How they ever will become better is beyond me. It’s like the bleeding underneath the nail has become a really manky area of puss and nastiness. It’s also a problem that it’s my toes and not such an easy place to reach/treat. 

I feel like an idiot trying to call the doctors at the LOC about my manky toenails. But equally I don’t see how they can become better without any treatment. I am worried that with my lowered immune system I will develop some kind of in-curable nail fungus infection…

I hope they shall say “don’t you worry, this is all quite within reach of nasty happenings during chemo” but they might want me to go and chop off my toes… “Yes you better chop those chubby nails off off off!”

I’ve been back riding this week. Yesterday and today 3 worked in the morning, before the flat out heat boils down on us. Then I guess I hide my nails in boots so another point of why I love my horses! -“You can’t see your nasty smelly nails whilst wearing riding gear!”

Keep smiling ūüôā at least your toes are a long way away from your nose, if they stink, chances are you won’t smell them!

One thought on “Disgusting toes

  1. Hej Emelie, varma fotbad + nagelfilande hjälper mot nagelsvamp. Tyvärr har jag inga recept mot bröstcancer eller hjärnskakning. Det är bara att lita pà doktorerna, tänka positivt och hàlla hjärnan igàng (som farmor!).


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