The hair is leaving again 

I’m not sure why this is. The last chemo finished 24 days ago. I should slowly be getting “over” the poisoning ordeal. Not so much. 

On Monday I had the first of 14, 3 weekly cycle Herceptin injections. It was alright. I bruised a little around the area, but all in all, it was ok.

This week has been spent in Warwickshire, visiting friends and family. My tiredness has completely engulfed me. I wake up early in the morning, only to be half comatose after an hour or so. It’s so annoying as there is nothing I can do to stop it. Have tried being outside, walking, taking it easy, doing “some stuff”, doing nothing, eating something, avoiding eating… There are plenty of things to do. Nothing makes me feel any better.

Two days ago I started losing my hair again. It started to feel like early chemo time, a bit sore when you touched the hair and the scalp. Then I started noticing hair a bit all over… It’s about 1.3cm now and quite noticeable. In the bath a couple of days ago it was like a full hair pot. People can’t see it but I can feel it getting thinner.

On all the online “help” sites there is nothing that could “help” me with this matter. As it seams compleatly unusual and not by the “norm” to have all your hair fall out a second time. Apparently Herceptin shouldn’t be a culpit… A well hell, what do you know.

I’ve met up with a lot of lovely people from the past and it’s given me strength for tomorrow. Even though I’m so tired, luckily the don’t expect me to be awake during the operation tomorrow!

Keep smiling 🙂 I’m sure there will be hair! 

9 thoughts on “The hair is leaving again 

  1. I’m in the UK and if you would like a visitor at any time I don’t leave until 8 September ! Keep strong keep smiling keep going you are doing fabulously ! Xx

  2. Här kommer massor av pepp inför morgondagen: pepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepppepp osv.

    Stor kram!

  3. Alskade Emilie, Alla vara tankar och all styrka till dig i morgon under operationen.
    Du har ju anglavakt och ar sa modig, tapper och stark beyond anything…the hair …who knows why it is falling out again…but sometimes the trauma one has gone through effects the hair months after. I am sure it will all come back again lovely.
    All our love, Sandra and Drew

  4. On the eve of your operation, we’re sending lots of positive vibes from Hertfortshire for tomorrow! It was great to see you last week in good spirits. Let us know when you’re ready for visitors! Lots of love from us all. Xx Eline, James and little hornetsxxx

  5. Good luck with all your treatment Emilie. I saw Ian at the Warwickshire the other day and asked about you, he told me about your blog. Sorry you are having such a difficult time. I hope you are well again very soon. Joy (Hill Wootton) x

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