Stem cells needed?

So with my newfound Parkinsonism, a quirky sense of needing to know and let’s face it enough time and computers to browse the web. I have found myself in language hell.
Well it’s more that I need an medical degree to read all the info in the articles rather than a fancy BA-hons in Art.
After a rather lengthy spree of googling I have now come up with a few facts:
1. Parkinsonism happens more often to men. As I guess they are more prone to Boxing (Mohammad Ali) or fighting.
2. Parkinsonism happens more to people born in the months February-may.
3. Parkinsonism can be brought on by medicines.
Well I should be rather safe as none of the above describes me.
So far this week has been rather forgettable.
I was yesterday with my lovely Acupuncturist and she tried to lift some of my tiredness and help me to deal with some of my sadness.
I am not depressed. I try to tell people this all the time. I’m really not depressed. Maybe reflective and sensitive, sad, emotional but not depressed. For me the difference of what I feel and depression is that I have actual real reasons to feel the way I feel. A depression can make you feel awful even when you should feel good.
I’m feeling low. But I have every reason to. I need to find a new beginning. So day 1 on the search for who I am now.
As I can’t ride, at the moment, and Internet research has given me no insight to weather I ever will be again, but I still have the magic eye. Finding horses will be my new forte!
Creating has always rated high on my agenda. So maybe more creations will be explored? I wanted to start playing guitar again, but as my left hand won’t work, I’m thinking re-think instrument. Harmonica maybe!?
I have re-thought my painting and will use spray and air brush instead.
I have been re-thinking hair color. My sister has grown tired of the pinkness of it all. I’m rather fond of it I must say, but maybe this is the time?
Today I have been up to the stable I’m moving half my horses to. It’s going to be great! They will have great stables, fab outdoor field and if need be we could get them worked in the arena! So I’m keeping 3 horses at Son Gual and moving 4 to the new stable. My 1 livery moved a couple of days ago. But I don’t think it had anything to do with me as they still want me to come to them and give lessons.
My smallest baby has turned 2 and as most of her life is in pieces where I only remember very important events, she has sadly slipped away. I love her so much, I just can’t remember much of her growing up. And now she is two.
I haven’t even brushed on the subject of stem cells yet! It should be good for people with Parkinson’s but I don’t know (Internet research) if the same applies for Parkinsonism?

Keep Smiling 🙂 for everything you leave behind, there will be more waiting behind the next corner!

2 thoughts on “Stem cells needed?

  1. Hello beautiful!

    Maybe a little change of scenery…eh continent, might give you a lift! You and your lovely family are always most welcome to come for a visit!! Acctually we would LOVE TO have you for a visit!! love love love from little me!

    oh and just incase you’re anywhere near gatwick airport on the 27th of august we’ll be there in transit for the day.. we’ll be able to go out for the day.. just a thought xxx 🙂

    love you lots you amazing woman! take care xxxxx

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