Oliva Nova

So after a middle “so so” month, I am now forcing myself to recuperate in a more positive manner again.

I feel the loss of enthusiasm from my side has affected everyone around me in a different manner. So no more feeling sorry for myself and getting low, it really doesn’t do anything for my confidence or my getting better!

It might be forced at first but from there comes a genuine free feeling of healing and inner strength!

So I’ve had my first two lessons back on a horse and it was awesome! I was back riding and feeling utterly normal again and even started challenge myself a little bit more. At the end I felt like a real person again. The discussions I had with Gösta was not about anything related to my disability but everything was focused at my ability of thinking and changing. It was all positive, but equally challenging.

He knew about my disabilities but didn’t not challenge me because of them. I felt real for the first time in a long time.

Work has put me at Oliva Nova. A golf club and equestrian centre between Alicante and Valencia. Here we have come to watch young horses jump and meet some old friends! I travelled here with one of my students and her mother.

Today we have just arrived but tomorrow more horses and I hope some shopping for horse related stuff!

I got a very kind email from a lady that has been reading this blog. She had also had a similar accident about 2 years ago and the way she wrote to me I could understand the tiredness I sometimes feel! And I haven’t seen it before! When you start to feel tired, that’s when you have to stop doing anything! It is instantaneous. If you don’t stop then it will take you days to recover! And it’s so true! I had a late night after a full on day on Friday, and I suffered still on Monday. Today I am fine! Back burning silly Nike plus points on my Nike plus power bracelet! Awesome!

So the letter I got inspired me! To meet my goal of getting better, without rushing. Taking time but without slowing down, it’s possible. Taking it easy as soon as I feel tired! That way I stay focused and motivated! Lets hop the sun comes out tomorrow!

Keep smiling 🙂 if you feel you are stuck just relax and let your imagination take you somewhere beautiful!

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