My husband My Hero 

It’s all been sorted! I didn’t want to keep you in a limbo fearing for my safety! I am married to my own personal super hero! He managed to fight the system and together with inside help from the hospital we managed to get my immunesystem booster!

I’ve been doing some digging as well as being plentiful informed of the nature of said booster. I know why they are resistant to giving it in Sweden (cost) but I cannot understand why they fight it here in Spain as we pay for it anyway… But it could maybe be side effects? (Sore muscles and bones) Or that you can only get it through hospital (fear of giving away things you can inject yourself with?)

Now I’ve met my Spanish oncologist and he seams a nice guy. He will in reality only do the “post treatment” of radiation and herceptin after my operation in September if it all goes to plan but it’s good that all of my information of ongoing treatments will be on a file system in Mallorca. He was very honest and a little bit blunt partly because of his English and partly because of being Spanish. He said “-you know with this treatment you are going to lose your hair” -Ah well, yes, there is an 80% chance of me losing my hair but I might belong to the spare 20%? “-No, no in 2 weeks after your first chemo it will be all gone!” Ok that’s settled then.

My biggest or shall I say only worry is the shape of my head. What if I have a really weird shape? The Man City football player Vincent Kompany comes into my mind. Very unfortunate shape. The shape of ones head gives connotations to other people’s appreciation of your intellect/sassiness/style. I am preparing myself as the shape of my head will maybe change the way of how I see myself?

Luckily a lot of sport happens around us right now. One of the finest things happened! The golden hornets are top of the leauge. Come on Watford! 

Keep Smiling 🙂 the shape of your head might surprise you!

6 thoughts on “My husband My Hero 

  1. Heja Dan! Och såklart ska Superwoman vara gift med Superman 😀

    Jag läste nyligen om en kvinna som började tappa sitt hår av behandlingen. Hon var helt övertygad om att hon hade världens knasigaste huvud. Men den första insikten som kom till henne efter att hon tappat håret var – men jösses, jag har ju ett jättesnyggt huvud! 🙂

    Och du strålar alltid. Du är ju kvinnan som skulle se chic ut om du så gick i säckväv.

  2. Kom ihåg den fina peruken som väntar.I agree,Dan is a super hero and not only for his connection with Watford.Morning kisses

  3. Emelie my lovely, you really make me laugh. I am now in the mirror trying to assess my own head shape. I think it’s a bit lumpy and not very pretty! Keep funny. X

  4. Hi.
    Love reading your blog. We think you are doing amazingly well through the start of your treatment. Lisa and nieve send their love.
    The mighty hornets are doing well but the super canaries are chasing them all the way. Hopefully they both get automatic promotion as it would feel a little awkward falling out with you now. Lots of love Ian, Lisa and Nieve xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Hej Emelie.
    Din mamma och min svärfar känner varandra från Mallorca. Sist de träffades berättade din mamma vad du går igenom just nu. Min svärfar tog kontakt med mej eftersom jag precis håller på att återhämta mej efter bröstcancer (opererades i december 2013, avslutade min chemo i juni 2014 och efter det 32 dagar strålbehandling). Jag har en liten aning om vad det är du går igenom, även om alla upplevelser självklart är individuella och det även skiljer sej från land till land hur behandlingen går till.
    OM du vill får du jättegärna höra av dej till mej. Ibland kan det vara skönt att bara ha någon att fråga eller ventilera tankar med.
    Jag skickar över massa positiva tankar och önskar dej alla lycka med behandling och operation.
    PS. Peruk är faktiskt inte helt fel 🙂 Lite varmt på sommaren, men oj vad det går fort att fixa håret på morgonen 🙂

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