Keeping up

That’s become the hard part in my life right now, rather than struggling with being, I struggle to keep up with myself.

I pack every day full to the brim with excellent activities! Then at the end of each day I finish in splendid collapse. I’ve managed to do this to perfection! It works, until I fail to have enough energy to get out of bed. Then for a day or two I hibernate, then I return! Still struggling to keep up with myself!

I have so much more energy than before yet I’m still so far behind how an Emelie 2.0 Gold version should be. I’ve downgraded my “software” and at the moment I’m running the Emelie 1.2 Silver-ware… Well if you managed to follow me, congratulations! You have probably had an upgrade!

Summer is here! And don’t we just know it! 30 degrees before 10am. This week we are getting 36 degrees… Better ride early! 3 horses is all I manage at the moment. With the heat, no wind, no clouds and no shade you are probably better off riding at night, but as we have small children it’s trying to jigsaw out the best options for us all! 

Last week I went to see my oncologist! I had a bone dencicy scan and a contrast CT scan. The problem is my veins in my left arm. They’ve had plenty of abuse as I can’t use my right arm due to the removal of the lymph nodes. It took 3 nurses and a good 6 needles to get the vein to work. My arm was blue afterwards. The appointments spread over 2 days so I brought a friend with me as she had never been to London before we did 48hours London special. Including the Duck tour and Guinnea grill in Mayfair! London was at its best behavior, no rain and no strikes! The sun was shining and on the second day of appointments I went to get the results from my oncologist!

I got the all clear. I am at the moment a very healthy specimen of human being! Cancer free and good strong bones! What a relief… I don’t think you realize until you’re in that situation, how much you worry about it all. To celebrate we continued our London special with a walk through Regents park to Camden Town and Camden Market. From there we took the floating alternative of canal ferry to take us back to Maida Vale!

So even if I do struggle to keep up with all I attempt to do, at least I’m here, still trying!

Keep smiling 🙂 the world needs more hugs!

6 thoughts on “Keeping up

  1. I am amazed just how much you fit into one day puts me to shame!!! Your just fab emelie!! so glad your results were clear!! Peter x

  2. Emelie! Vad jätte glad jag blir av att läsa detta-helt underbart med cancer free resultat. Heja Heja dig! Du e ju helt klart bäst! Kramar fr mig I Warwickshire.

  3. Emelie, I have missed your blog posts! No surprise you struggle to keep up… we used to struggle to keep up with you at Wootton Grange! Fab news about being healthy! Sending love to you! Will make a plan to come and visit soon!! Big hugs xxxx

  4. As you get stronger, your software will upgrade overnight whilst you sleep. You will have a faster operating system and you ram will increase. Your memory will double and your screensaver will be a lovely smile. X

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