I’m back again

Almost! It feels like I almost am back to someone I’d like to be again!

Energy levels slightly better but I have 1-2injections a week. I have had my test results back last week and I have 107 times too high levels of arsenic in my body. That’s from a hair sample. Where could I have gotten that from? I am not sure. To that level you have to digest or drink large quantities… People say I should test the family and part of me thinks yeah, good idea. Other part of me thinks if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Anyway to clear arsenic from body I have been given a few medicines. Old school go to pharmacist who mixes up your meds medicine! That in conjunction with injections. Eucolation, (it’s probably called something totally different) it’s supposed to strengthen the blood and give it power to remove the dirt and bad products from your system.

I don’t actually care so much because at the moment I feel like a person again! I take my disgusting pharmacist made and herbal meds and endure 2 hours a week in hospital for the intravenous stuff, and I can drive a car ride a few horses and go stand up paddle with my daughters!

The reason I am not documenting so much of my progress is that I forget that I’ve been ill! I just tend to get on with it. Life that is. And now my husband has been away for 10 days and he is coming back tonight. Life is alright!

Keep smiling 🙂 the summer is almost here. And if you haven’t managed to get your 6pack in order, wear your keg with pride!!!

One thought on “I’m back again

  1. I am sooo incredible happy to hear that you are feeling better! You are a true star and I hope things will keep going upwards for you from now on!! sending love love love from down under! 🙂 hlif and family xxx

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