I started a positive blog about how I feel…

So I started it, the positive blog brimming of confidence and bright outlook for future… I wrote a few sentences packed with awe in new found energy, filled with actual hope of future as “real person” and not this slow lurking persona I had become.

The tiredness had been shoved to the side and I was starting to enjoy riding again. Playing with my children. Cooking food. Driving self to places…

I had literally just started writing this blog and something caught my attention. I had forgotten to bring something in from the car and decided to go get it! In my “almost back to normal” state I tend to completely forget about how bad I have been, in this instance I forgot that I DO NOT RUN! As I was leaving the house at speed my feet didn’t register the small step I had to clear to make my way out. For any “normal” person this probably would have led to a half stumble, I on the other hand have little or no co-ordination. I flew through the air in a spectacular manor. Doing a half turn pike and landing in style with my head first on to the corner of the stone wall outside our back door. My newly broken and healed left side was second to crash on to the stone stairs, showing that oh yes! the pain actually is back! My elbow looked almost broken again and I was screaming whilst holding my head.

In the end it was only bumps and bruises. Unfortunately the bumps on my head were too big for me to wear a helmet so no horses ridden for a day. But today 3 days after incident, I can ride, walk, drive and energy is a little bit higher than in January.

I had a meeting with a raw food guru to see if this would be a way forward? My Optimum 400 has arrived and I blend and juice anything I can get my hands on!!! Today my green juice contained 1/2 tomato 1 apple 1 cucumber 1 celery and half a bag of rocket salad. It was yummy! But not sure it gave me any energy… As I am now sat back on sofa writing this… But ok there is a time and a place for most things.

Keep smiling 🙂 the wonders of short time memory failure will keep me on my toes!

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