Hair or no hair

Yesterday when I met the hairdresser and asked him about wigs and where to get one from, he advised me to cut the hair short before chemo as it wouldn’t be so dramatically noticible and such a sharp change for me. As I have been growing my hair for a while, it doesn’t really fit into my 2015 plan at all, well very little of this does to be honest with you.

He gave me his card and told me to give him a call and he would fit me in today even though he was quite busy. I decided to bite the bullet and book in for a short hair cut and was booked in for a 4pm trim.

The morning started with a meeting at LOC headquarter. This is on Harley Street. Today I had a meeting with a chemo-nurse. I got an hour monologue about what would/could/might happen to me whilst having chemo. It finished off with a walk down the dungeon of dread… Or at least the treatment room where people were lined up, plugged into drips, iced hatted to the max.

Here they all had wifi, and all the patients seamed pretty calm just getting on with their lives, there wasn’t any of the death dripping fear I was anticipating to feel. It wasn’t a joyful place, but I could feel it had a purpose. Here some serious cancer killing was going down. Tomorrow I would be a part of it. Apparently they do have a chef on-site. I find that a little strange as the number one complication of the chemo is sickness… Well hey ho, if I don’t feel like throwing up there will be someone that can cook for me!

After the dungeon I was recommended to go to Selfridges to try on a wig. I got another pack of information about where I could get someone to help me fit a wig. 

I tried a couple of wigs on and realized 2 things:

I look better as a wigged blond. The brown makes me look about 60 years old.

New wigs make your head look coned shaped… This they say will alter after you wear the wig a few times. It’s hard to spend close to €300 on something you don’t like the look of. I think I will wait to get the advise from a proper wig fitter.

At 4pm I went to the hairdresser in Mayfair. It’s called MichelJohn. Max the hairdresser was there and I gave him free reins on doing what he liked with my hair. It got very short. But I think he nailed it. I look a little fierce, but in a good classical fierce way. When I went to pay they told me he didn’t want anything. He did it for free! I’m not an overly emotional person, but that service of un-expected act of decent kindness nearly got me to tears. It’s Max’s birthday tomorrow. Same day as my first chemo day and he joked about us having equally “bad” day tomorrow. Ah well I guess we have to make the best of it.

I can recommend anyone that needs a “makeover” to go to Max at MichelJohns in Mayfair! What an awesome hairdresser! When I was there the entire team came up with ideas of how to make the chemo more bearable. Wig makers, make up artists and eyebrow tattoo-ists… They knew everyone and gave me all the phone numbers to all specialists in their area.

I don’t know how I’ll feel on Thursday and Friday but I have booked in to see people. They just have to keep an open mind about me being tired and nauseous.

I hope tonight will be a night of sleep and not another night of creation!

Keep smiling 🙂 sometimes we come across people that shift our worlds with ever so slightly gentleness.

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  1. “Good classical fierce” – I am imagining Annie Lennox rather than Sinead O’Connor. Am I right? I think Annie looks bloody lovely. Good luck in the dungeon guapa. xxx

  2. Hi Emelie, Just to let you know we are thinking of you and thinking how amazing you are! You are such a strong, positive person and a total inspiration. I don’t know how you will be feeling over the next few weeks but if you feel OK and you want a change of scene, you are always welcome in East Finchley. I promise we won’t make you play any games! Millie xxx

  3. Hi Emelie, your blogs are amazing and inspirational. I can not imagine what you are going through, most of us have read of other people´s cancer battles but never imagined it could be us there going through it, but now you are doing just that and undertaking every painful move with dignity, laughter and positivitiy. Somedays I am sure the words will not flow so well but the honesty will help others understand so keep writing….. I am sure the love and laughter surrounding you will be an enormous help. Lets hope you manage to put that chef to good work, you surprise the hair dresser with an outstanding new fashion following (and plenty of new customers) and that the wig shop starts a new line in pink!! Lots and lots of love, the B´s from Bunyola xx

  4. You rocked the pink Emily, I am pretty sure you can pull of any style that takes your fancy. I hope you get some rest tonight. I would love to come and see you if you feel up to it. Please message me your mobile and I’ll give you a bell v xx

  5. Fantastic post Emelie! You make me feel optimist! You know, this is only a nightmare and we are riding nice horses soon!!!!

  6. Fantastic post Emelie! You make me feel optimist! You know, this is only a nightmare and we are riding nice horses soon!!!!

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