Gin Yoga? Yin yoga!

I knew I was allowed to do “gentle yoga” from last Wednesday. That did not include any downward facing dog or any pose involving any handstand or anything too strainous. 

As my background in yoga is ashtanga and the last couple of years vinyasa and kundalini, I know the dog of the downward facing variety is featured quite a lot even in “gentle yoga”. My friend Rebecca said -“you should try Yin yoga!”. 

The only Gin I know of previously are the drinking kind, Tanquary or Bombay Sapphire… But I agreed to come to a class today with Rebecca. It was very gentle. I don’t know how else to describe it. We were using lots of props to get into position, and it worked even for a newly operated on person! It was an hour of stretches and very gentle movements that made the rest of my day feel very cheerful! 

I know my family is coming tomorrow and with only 1 sleep to go I cannot help but feeling excited! London is going to behave more or less weather wise. I think we are only promised one rainy day in the 5 days they are here!

Today was a rainy day! I was thinking of going to the zoo, but as I was carrying around my ruck sack weighing over 10kg I decided to buy some food for the crew tomorrow!

Keep smiling 🙂 a short note of something happy should ignite you! 


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