Flu might kill me

I’m sure survivors should be tougher than this. I was in a coma for nearly a month, then paralyzed on my left hand side. I had to learn how to walk and talk again. I then broke half of my body. This is before operating on my eye to get rid of my double vision only to be followed by breast cancer. Oh the joys of the last 3 years!

The problem is this. My immune system has been shot since the first accident. If I get a cold or a flu or any disease my body gets fully involved. My natural defense has been so out of order that I end up in hospital every time I get a cold… We have been very vigilant and lucky this year not to catch a single flu/cold as the chemo would have been totally upset by this. As the radiotherapy has been going on I’ve stayed illness free… Until my family arrived from Mallorca. 

What was supposed to be a lovely trip to London to meet up with me and go and see wondrous things, ended up with first Millie and then Mel and Myrna getting ill, closely followed by me. I’ve got my emergency antibiotic but I really don’t want to use them if I can avoid it. As it felt more like a virus rather than bacterial to start off with, the antibiotics wouldn’t have helped.

Mel was too ill to fly back on Monday, and as I also had the same symptoms I thought it would be ok to have her with me. The sad thing is I’m now on day 4 of fever. Even though I manage to get rid of the fever with lemsip it always comes back! Last night was the killer. 38.6 degrees fever and a sore thought that felt like someone was torturing me by cutting sharply every time I coughed.

Now my mucus cough is turning a yellow color… I think this means that I can take the antibiotics. But as everything was so awful at 3am I called the out of office duty nurses at the LOC. They wanted me to come into hospital straight away. I said I couldn’t as I had little Mel here, but they have arranged for a doctor to see me today. They called Dr Jones around 4am, which I’m sure she is used to, and it’s probably part of her job, I still feel awful about it.

My mum is here in London now. She arrived Monday night so for me it’s excellent! She can look after Mel today. I’m not sure if they will keep me in. But paracetamol doesn’t seam to shift this fever… 

Keep smiling 🙂 what else could you do? Crying only makes you waste very important water!

6 thoughts on “Flu might kill me

  1. Massor av riktigt bra energi till dig Emelie..! En jatte stor kram och ett snabbt tillfrisknande. Det du skriver ger sa manga blandade kanslor… Alltid positiv dock! Just like always 🙂 Tanker pa dig, get better soon!

  2. Darling you Vilken kämpe du är! Önskar så att jag kunde skicka dig en annan superkvinna som hade kunnat avlasta dig o ta över för ett tag! Tänker på dig massor pussar o kramar ❤️❤️

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