First official show back

Sunday was the first time in about 3 years since I jumped at a show! 

I did a 3 day clinic last weekend with international rider Manuel “Fanfa” Fernandez. The horses all behaved beautiful and my double vision only got problematic every now and then. This was to be sure the hardest of trials, 2 hours of lessons all days, plus I rode the 2 horses that were not in the clinic, either beforehand or afterwards.

The clinic went ever so well. My reins shortened and my eyes opened (except when i have double vision then just close one eye!) Fanfa fell in love with my lovely 7 year old mare Greta who today left the island to join his team in Holland. Greta is called Just Outstanding as her show name for future reference. If she becomes another superstar!

Because of the rain mid week we have had no arenas to work the horses in. I’ve been using the lorry parking that for some reason stays unaffected by all the heavy rain. I have decided half an hour in walk and trot is more or less what each horse can consider as their exercise. Not the best warmup for myself as I need a bit more to get ready properly.

Exciting times indeed. The show was an eye opener in to how I work. As the first horse was clear. I decided to try and win with the second horse. That ended with me on the floor as Lara decided the turn was a bit too short… I finished off with a great round on Dolly even though I had one tiny pole down… That’s horses for you! No bones broken and thanks to my lovely Dutch friend Eva, I have no pain in muscles. She used the power Kinesiology tape. In proper pink I might add! Power to the pink!

It’s such a busy year. And it flies by. At such unbelievable pace. I am so happy that I can jump again.

This coming weekend there is a show at Son Reus! Fingers crossed there is no more rain as arenas are pretty damp at the moment. I will jump the two early classes and then I’m flying to Liverpool! In Preston I will see my horses and on Monday my German friend is flying over to try one of our horses! I try and book as many important things in when I’m in the UK. After my trip up north I’ll go to London to see my oncologist and my eye doctor. Maybe he can sort out some of the double vision again. There possibly are some eye excersises that I can do?

Keep smiling 🙂 there is always room for improvement and so many exciting outcomes!


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