Finding ones way

I’m super happy to announce the revival of single vision! Double vision that can be fun every once in a while can become a total bore to have. Especially when it involves jumping fences. To turn up to a line of fences, either a combination or a triplebar, then to be faced by an array of poles, all same colors, but at different distances and angles, not the best if you try and jump them.

Now it’s been a week and 1 day since my operation. I only have one vision! It’s great! I jumped a little yesterday and now I can only blame myself or bad riding if I miss a fence, it has nothing to do with my vision! I still have not tried out combination of riding or driving whilst tired where the problem was the most obvious before, but over all a huge improvement!

I’m now trying to find my way back to normality. Only who am I kidding? My lowest speed is a bit like a kid high on sugar. And I like it that way! I can’t seam to “slow” down. I have tried to be more sensible and considerate. Especially to my poor family. But as they are partly me I’m sure they will understand, if not now, in years to come… Let’s hope!

When I was in the UK for the week of the operation we maximized on the things we fitted in. Harry Potters studios, the 100 akre woods, a trip to Ireland to try a pony and a trip to Hamleys to find some shopkins! We managed to travel by train, underground, bus and taxi! All fitted in in 6 days flat! As well as an eye op! And a business breakfast whilst planning for the autum and winter ahead. Phew, just reading back the lines makes me wonder if the slowing down stedying one self might make it easier to remember things…

Today I have started slow with some bloodworks. I have my blood analyzed for irregularities every quarter to six months, to stop me getting totally exhausted. This time the blood was fine for the first time ever! So finding my way back to the half crazed speedy swede clearly is good for me! 

Keep smiling 🙂 wake up and explore the day!

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