Blood transfusion 

I’ve had the 48 hr critical a-ok from my surgical team. I am apparently a formidable team player when it comes to operations and such!

I’m snuck away in a very super private room! You almost need a map and a gadget to find me here! I have my first visitor today and I will ask her how she found me, that is IF she finds me!

Everything has been going ok. My red blood cells were low so yesterday they decided on giving me a blood transfer. I think I’m a very sensitive soul for any organic transfer. It was probably imagined, but I heard a hundred little voices, almost like thoughts, all different, unrelated to anything in my life at this moment. Very strange. But I guess the good thing is only good people give blood, so their thoughts were not of the spine chilling serial murderous kind that came with my drug induced hallucinations the night before. Yeah, got that a little… Felt a little sick before my dinner so I decided to have an injection to make my food more palatable. Unfortunately the drug gave me terrible hallucinations. So I still couldn’t eat, but on top of it I couldn’t sleep or think… 6 hours later I was all better again!

This staying in hospital is a tough experience. It’s not that it’s not ok. It really is but little things can totally make me tumble. After today’s loo visit for instance. I was just casually sitting up in a chair for less than 5 minutes. Then I started to black out! It was so strange. Everybody felt like they were in a different land to me. I could gaze them and hear them through a haze of not-right-now. They managed to get me back on to the bed. My grandeur plans of freeing self from catheter and be a taking care of myself woman were quickly crushed. I was put on oxygen and back in bed. This is where today has been spent. 

It’s ok don’t get me wrong.  You really spend all your hours here, and so much and so little happens. It’s very strange, to realize how much we live our lives passively. It’s not until you are here in a situation totally revised by the clock on the wall and nothing else, that you realize you should appreciate everything in life. All the punctures, lost shoes, eye infections, stomach flu, car crashes, rain, thunder… Everything that counts for something.

Keep smiling 🙂 tomorrow I will make it to the shower!

4 thoughts on “Blood transfusion 

  1. You make me reflect. … I appreciate a lot that i was stuck in traffic today.. it rained,, and you know how it is here on Mallorca. if it rains everybody hit the cars but then none can drive:) results in long and stupid cues. BUT , they don’t mean anything in the big perspective of life. I follow your advice, I appreciate the raining and the chaos in the traffic and that i am completely wet back at work. I am here alive and kicking. 🙂 Big Hug, ulf

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