Bad Shinznach Day2

So I didn’t really get into what i had to do yesterday in my physical training… it was hard… actually doing anything at the moment is hard but they worked me until it felt like my arms and legs were going to fall off.

I did one test where you had to put small plastic lego sticks in holes and then take them out again. It took 27 second with my right hand. With the left it took over 15 seconds to prove to them I could not even do 1. I will practise every day now so hopefully I can do it next week.

My other training focused on how quick I could manage to walk in 2 min. Without any help from sticks/wheels/studs etc. I managed about 76 m

Yesterday I fell asleep around 8.30pm and woke up at 4.05am (as usual) then I was up at 6am this morning.

Training today started with an hour with a new trainer. I hoped for a massage but realised I was only getting my brain “massaged”. The newest “trainer” was a psychiatrist. My brain was in for an hour of “prodding”. Hard work as well.

Then I had 2 sessions before lunch with my physios. On one I focused on stepping up one leg on a block without falling or falling out to any side. On the other we focused on grip and shoulder strength. I worked with a weight in my left arm! Don’t get too excited weight was less than a toothbrush but it was still hard.

Lunch was early. Around 12. All 4 courses of gluten and lactose free goodness!

Then I had a break! This is where Roger Swain set up this blog for me, and I started to slowly tap in this story. I have promised to work my left hand as much as possible so I am typing with it all the time. (hope it will be worth it in the end)

Afternoon gave me another 2 sessions of walking and playing with balls with my left hand.

Both the trainers were amazed by the strength i showed compared to yesterday.

I learnt how to stand up and sit down with more weight on my left.

Its amazing how much you need to know just to make a simple thing like standing up. There are techniques for everything!!! Leaning forward for example!

Todays highlight was during one of our walks outside we saw the spa swimming pool and the golf driving range. 3 snow flakes fell from the sky!

We had an early dinner at 5.30pm…. still 4 courses of gluten and lactose freeness

Lots of love from a girl now typing with her left hand.

13 thoughts on “Bad Shinznach Day2

  1. Guten Abend Emelie! Think I have now just about peaked on my school girl German!! Orla and I look forward to reading your blog everyday so keep up the great left hand typing therapy.
    Lots of love from wet Wales xxx

  2. Hi Emelie
    I haven’t used a blog before and looking like it from fb neither have some of your other mates so I dont feel too much of a numpty! Keep typing – you’re doing a great job – and with few errors I see!! Good to hear you are trying so hard – will make life look easy once you’ve recovered from this. Do they know what the cause was?
    Thanks for keeping us updated. You could write a book?!! Love to you and all x
    PS – not sure if this will post lets see…

  3. Emelie!
    So great to hear (read) your voice. Such great news about your continuing recovery.
    Was utterly shocked when I heard about your accident and tried my best to keep up with the news. Will, of course, read your blog regularly.

    Get better, you hear!?

  4. Hey there, You are on quite a journey there but love being able to read about all your progress. Sounds like hell but obviously will all be worth it in the end. Have no doubt you’ll fly it. Look forward to reading more. Mind yourself. xxx

  5. Fina, coola starka Emelie! Tänker på dig och skickar över all styrka, hopp och energi jag kan. Känner i hela kroppen att vi snart får läsa om dina fina tävlingsresultat igen!

    Största kramen!

  6. That’s great news Emilie. Glad u are making such great progress in only a day . I love the pink hair might dye mine to ..,!!!! Lol I await ur not post

  7. Emelie, vilken hemsk olycka du råkat ut för! Otroligt tråkigt att läsa! Men du är ju så mentalt stark! Hoppas du kryar på dig snart – skönt att läsa att du gör så fina framsteg, din positiva energi gör säkert underverk. Många kramar från ett höstruggigt Stockholm!

    Jonas m fam.

  8. Go Girlie go! Jag är säker på att om det är någon som kan fixa detta så är det du,
    även om jag bara träffat dig några få och snabba gånger så kan jag känna att du har så mycket positiv energi o jäkla anamma idig. Din vänstra sida vet inte vad den har framför sig med dig som motståndare :)Jag tänker mycket på dig ska du veta så glad att allt går framåt ,fasen livet är så skört .Jag sänder dig massor av lycka , styrka och all energi jag kan få tag på. Stora bamse kramar ifrån Anna och ett blåsigt Mallorca

  9. Hejja världens bästa Emelie!!!!

    Så stolt över dig och din viljestyrka, om det är ngn som grejar det här så är det du 😀 ,, världens starkaste, envisaste, braigaste tjej!
    Tack för bloggen, grymt uppskattad av orolig vän och även vännens bättre hälft som nu får ha sin facebook ifred.

    Bamsekramar…. Kajsa

  10. Hi Emelie
    Love the posts and its amazing how well you are doing! Keep up the good work.
    I also notice that even with your left hand your typing is better than Dave’s!
    Sending positive vibes your way,

  11. Hi Emelie!

    My name is Kristina and I write features for national newspapers and women’s magazines in the UK. I’m currently trying to raise awareness of brain injuries, and after coming across your blog I wondered if you’d be interested in chatting to me about your experiences?

    Please do let me know! You can email me via



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