The Hospital Juaneda

After almost 4 weeks I was transferred here. To Juaneda.

This is the hospital where we normally take our kids so I know it.

I also know Natalia that works at A&E and Karin that works as a swedish interpreter.

I got room 225 on second floor.

Danny came over.

Johanna made my wall full of photos of family members.

Mercedes came and stayed.

I was told I would never use my left arm again. At this stage it was just idly following me around so what should I think?

I got Neus as a new physio. She made me believe I could use left again and 10 days ago she made me move my left arm.

Today I am still struggling to move and control left side,thats why i am here in Switzerland.

I will be here 3 weeks and the blog is a document about my progress (hopefully)

I left Juaneda on the 9th of November I flew here on the 11 November.

I am in Bad-Schinznach outside Zurich.

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