The accident

A lot of people have been wondering about this.

Wednesday the 3d of october.

I had just finished riding my 5th horse of the day. I was walking him back up to the stables.

There were some noise from some kids that where there for a school trip. I thought oh good training for the novice horse I was on. Then I heard the tractor and after that I have no memory.

Apparently what happened next is that i had an epileptic “quiet” fit. Harry then got nervous and bucked and I came off landed on my head and left side and then i was out cold.

Ambulance was called and I went to hospital.

2 thoughts on “The accident

  1. Dear emilie!
    Incredible or not we just realised you had an accident! Very happy to know you are recovering well! . We are far away but if you need anything just let us know! Love to youy. And your family!

    Vicky and matias! From argentina!

  2. Hi Emelie

    My dear friend Emelie .

    So sorry to hear about your fit. I did send an email a few days after you had your fit asking if I could come to Spain to visit you. But unfortunatly your family were obviously concerned about you & they did not reply. No problems though. Just wanted to send my condolences to you.
    I know how you feel and what your going through.
    As you will remember I was on life support machine for three months. Luckily like you I came round and I had to have physio to help me walk again.
    Unfortunatly during my seizure I ended up losing control of my right side of my face and twelve months later they operated on my eyelid to lift it. I also had bleads behind both eyes and even today & still have many floaters.
    But you are young & strong & you will get better & even stronger for yourself & your lovely considering family.
    My prays & thoughts are with.

    All my love


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