So 2019 is almost over

And I am not sure how to start this late of year blog.

A serenade to all that has been good in the year? Or to bring forward the bad luck that keeps hunting me? Illuminate the girl of breakages.

Firstly accept my apologies for not writing to you for a while. That’s the norm, when I’m up and about I’m always too busy to sit down and write. This will bring me to my latest… hmmm… how do I tell you this? My yesterday “event”.

We are in the north of Sweden at a skiing holiday. Saturday was our first day skiing. My first time skiing since I broke my cruciate ligaments. And it was the first time the whole family were skiing together! I was wearing my new knee brace a Donjoy called “Omar”. He worked really well and we had the best day ever skiing with very few incidents!

Yesterday it was raining. And if you don’t know that much about skiing, you do it on snow, and snow doesn’t like rain very much. Therefore we decided not to ski yesterday and instead we took it super easy and found an indoor adventure bath and gym. Later on in the afternoon we were invited to some friends for waffles! I was being super careful and walking the long way round to their house as it was really icy. I was holding the hand of my smallest daughter. I somehow managed to slip, and in a true horrific fashion, I don’t just fall but in the most spectacular bow and land my ribs and hips straight on a stone stair edge. The pain is immediate, I am on the floor and screaming my lungs dry. Knowing I shouldn’t scream because my hand was still attached to a small person. I finally managed to calm my breathing and slowly I could get back standing. I could feel a strange “clicking” pain, but we had come for waffles, so they had to be dealt with before anything else!

I could manage to sit down but standing up was a real problem. I could feel some pain when I was pushing the rib cage, but other than the “crunching/clicking” pain that overcame me in un regular intervals, we decided I probably should go and have an X-ray.

In Åre the doctors and X-ray close at 6pm. We got there for 5:55pm, saw a doctor directly and he put me forward to have an X-ray at 5:59pm. So efficient and in comparison with the 9 hours waiting to have my finger wrongly diagnosed in August, this felt like a true treat! The only sad thing is, 2 ribs are broken.

One is totally off and overlapping itself, and one is “just” cracked and more of a straight break. So in hindsight 2019 is one of the worst years in recent breakage history.

The weather is still windy but I do think the rain has stopped. I’m trying to get my skis back to the SkiStar shop so at least I will get some money back…

I know I always finish here with a Keep Smiling 🙂 but I just cannot find a catchy thing to end it with…

Keep Smiling 🙂 next time it might not be you!

Keep Smiling 🙂 it will probably still be me!

Keep Smiling 🙂 the earth keeps moving and she doesn’t care!

Just Keep Smiling 🙂 a frown will make your forehead wrinkly!

4 thoughts on “So 2019 is almost over

  1. Why why why???There is no point in asking.Life is very unfair and has been very tough for many of my family even for myself.I can only say As long as there is life there is hope.

  2. Emelie, Emelie, Emelie
    Only the people who do things have things happening to them , good or bad !

    2020 have such a nice ring to it I think ! It will be a great Year You’ll see ❣️

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