Ovaries out

This might come as quite a surprise to you. I’ve had another surgery. -What? Are you crazy? Is questions I’ve heard a little more than once these last couple of weeks. It might seam like a fast and furious surgery movie, and quite so. One of my surgeons have now put a 6 month ban on further ops on said body.

I had my ovaries out. Laparoscopically so 4 “smallish” wounds on my belly and they actually removed the ovaries through my belly button. I’ve tolerated the general aneastetic well again and I am up and out and about doing things like I normally do (except HIIT training or riding horses). I sent a friend a photo of my belly and she said it looked like I had been in a knife fight. Ah well they should see who knifed me! 

I have had my fair share, ok, slightly above share of surgeons cutting things in my body the last couple of years. In comes Miss Olaitan. She is a totally stunning surgeon with impecable dress sense and fabulous hair. On top of that she is also a quality crafts woman with regards to the use of knife and glue. She did not stitch me up. I’ve got 4 glued incisions.

The decision to remove the ovaries was based on the reality that my cancer feeds of hormones. As the ovaries were still producing estrogen the safest way from a preventive spectrum was to remove them. This brings me within 24 hrs to full on menopause. Without the possibility of HRT as I cannot have any hormones. So holistically does it… apparently Sage! I have to do so much googling of this topic! What lies ahead is according to websites:

-night sweats


-weight gain

-mood changes

-memory loss 



-heart attack

Oh, fun times! I have been ovary-less for 6 days now. So far I’ve had a little problem sleeping, but I had that before the op so not sure if it should count.

I’m spending another week in London. To basically see more doctors and hopefully get the all clear to go home next week.

Here in England the winter is definitely coming! There was ice on the ground this morning and white fog christalized when I was breathing. 

I’ve spent the two last days frolicking in the company of my midland crew! Totally in awe of luck that made it possible for me to meet with so many of the best people I know! Thank you all for taking time!

On a completely different note, I’ve had over 20.000 readers of this simple blog. This has amazed me thoroughly, but frightened me some. I found out yesterday that the 1 brother I have has never read it! Any of it! It transpired when I realized he did not know what an Okapi is, or who Oni is!!!! So Carl I dedicate this blog to you! Thank you for always being there for my family. Even after you’ve been kicked out of the Big brother household in Mallorca! We love you uncle C!

Keep smiling 🙂 the changes in world will always bring us closer to where we are going.

This photo is one of a few where all us 3 siblings are collected. With a fair few of our other cousins….

5 thoughts on “Ovaries out

  1. May the Force continue to be with you, Emelie! Your upbeat take on just about everything happening in your life is truly admirable. Looking forward to seeing you in Stockholm at some point!

  2. Hi Emilie I am Steve Branagh’s sister, going through chemo at the moment for oestrogen receptive breast cancer. I have opted to have my ovaries out but the oncologist is saying that I will still have to take tamoxifen, which I don’t want to do. I see in your blog that you were advised not to take hormone medication. Would you mind explaining in a little more detail what you were told. Thank you for such inspirational blogs. Best wishes. Ruth x

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