Slowly but surely getting better by the day… January and February was devoted to sofa in living room, cuddles with small dogs, involving no lifting, no riding, no running, no going to the gym, no swimming…. involving a lot of sentences starting with my new favorite word-NO.

Hence by the end of February I tried getting back on a horse again. At first very slowly, but as I am getting a full professor-hood in recovery riding I was soon cantering again! I had already cancelled my entries for Oliva Nova, MET II, but I had one of my horses jumping there with Stephanie Holmen, Billy Cointreau, so I decided to go over and watch the show for one of the weekends. Billy as they call him in Sweden where he now lives, won the opening 140 for the weekend, and even though we had awfully stormy weather he jumped like a champion.

I know I have not been writing here for long, basically I have been to busy living and getting my energies back. I have discovered I am not as nice a person energized as I am when I tired. I am not sure why but I get super sharp and very matter-of-fact with my loved ones. That’s inexcusable and something the energized me will have to work on.

Two very unexpected deaths of friends in their “prime of life” mid 50’s has made me realize how lucky I am. To still be here. To still worry about silly things like weight gain during my sofa-healing time. I feel so thankful even on a bad day that at least I am still here. I do believe in life beyond this but I am still so thrilled over the mystery of the life that we live here. So even though I might be short and sharp, there is an abundance of love and care from this recovering sofa-surfer.

During my sofa sitting, Netflix binging beginning of year I was watching a lot of series, I will be anyone’s basic go-to-woman when it comes to opinions on any series found online. As I was worried the sofa and binging would end up with me twice my size, I used an app called my fitness pal, it was Dan that recommended it to me. It is a very easy way of “controlling” what you eat. You basically get given an amount of calories you are allowed per day, I managed to loose nearly 4 kg during the two months. Some people say it might be muscle and they are probably partly right, but for when you are not very active it’s a very useful tool to use.

Now I’m back riding up to 6 horses per day, teaching and training. The only reason I am writing this is because my flight to London is delayed 3 1/2 hours, I was just going over the day to London, if it gets much more delayed I will have to stay here as I will miss my appointments with lots of doctors. My return flight is booked for tonight 11.30pm… ah the joys of flying “economy” airlines… I think I actually lose money flying like this.

There is something in the air. When it comes to low cost flying… or maybe I shouldn’t say air as I am still solidly on ground….

On a whole different part of life, the whole family went to our first live concert in Barcelona! Imagine Dragons were playing and as we all know all of their songs from the Evolve album especially, it was a great way to “break” in the kids to appreciate live music. It also made me realize I have the urge to do an “Esporlasbury” following the 2014 “Bunyolabury”. We had 12 live acts in the first music festival. I think we could make it in to a every second yearly event!

Keep smiling 🙂 life is beautiful, enjoy, endure, inspire, live it without any regrets!

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