Magna Racino

So because of bad network my post from 2 days ago was not posted until now!
So strange how networks work… Or in this case does not work and put an un-levelness on everything in life.

Here at Magna Racino ca 30km south of Vienna we have beautiful hot weather! It’s 29 degrees today and we are jumping. Well at least Julie Andrews is jumping.

She won today the gold tour here. It’s a 145cm class with 87starts! Ayrton was her winning companion but she also was 3d with Miss Lyckad in the silver tour and 5th with Calantus in bronze! So a great day for team WGE!!!

Being here at a big show has really got me questioning if this is what is like to get back doing. The answer is I don’t really know. I need to come back to where I can train my horses to the correct standard and fitness. I am not sure how to do that where I am at the moment. There are too many uncertainties for me to give an answer now. But what I feel like is like to get back to the fitness and a level where jumping feels fun again.

I have been for hacks around Magna Racino. What an incredible place! Everything imaginable for days of fun is situated here. Racing, trotting, polo, casino, racing cars… You name it. They probably have it here! Everything is of the highest standard and very well looked after. Credit to them! Next year they will change the way they are going to host this show. It will go back to a 3 week tour so maybe me and Ava could go?

Keep smiling 🙂 the weather is always good for someone!

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