First win at show…. I still can’t cut my own nails though…

So nearly 7 months since my accident now.

How do I feel? Mostly positive. I do still have tiredness issues, low blood sugar issues, pink hair issues. I have run out of pink hair dye. Next week I might go green!

How does my body feel? About 70% mine, almost 95% mine whilst on a horse! Why it feels so much more level and strong whilst riding i don’t know. Maybe because of my riding before i could walk?

What is a challenge at the moment? Food shopping, getting places, cutting my own nails. You might never have thought about this, but not being able to use your left hand makes cutting nails on right hand nearly impossible. Yesterday I was close to tears but then the funniest thing happened. I was watching TV and it was announced that a famous person I have accused for years of being a peadophile, actually now is for the first time being officially questioned in the matter. I immediately called my long time friend, Jess and she who was most ashamed of my un-called for accusements of said celeb asked me “How on earth did you know?” I suffer some from my near 2 years memory loss but things from before that becomes almost clearer. Jess then reminded me of a circus we went to years ago in Leek Wootton. It is without doubt the worst experience as circus on so many levels. We both laughed so hard about the memories. Dan and I brought his very good friends (quite posh) as they were staying with us for the weekend. I never in my life thought there was something as awful as this circus. The animals were all smelly, old, lame on the last leg or without leg. The people were from a different planet or at least a different dimension. The women were sisters, and they might have been agile in a previous life or maybe 20 years and 20 kilos ago. They came dressed in their skimpy circus outfits. A little washed out, a bit too small, hardly covering any parts of them or if it by chance covered one part, that pard got rolled over by a layer of fat. This together with overly scaly snakes and a lot of  jazz hands and wiggly bottoms/thighs made me and Jess laugh uncontrollably. And again we laughed last night as we started planning things for the future. I was feeling refreshed and focused this morning for the show. I got picked up from home and started plaiting Harry. My left hand is no use. It’s more in the way instead of helping when I plait. I actually nearly broke down when 40 min of extreme plaiting only resulted in semi ok plaits. Luckily Harry is so big, not many people can see that far up!

What makes me smile? Lots of things daily! My friend and veterinarian Pedro finished his madness run, 107km over mountains in Mallorca. He aimed to do it in 15 hours he did do it in 19 hours and had to walk the last 60 km as he had a problem with his knee. I competed again today and had great success on both horses! I won a class and was 3d in another. So pleased but my mare Lara was super pleased to be in the ring at price giving! She basically could’t wait to tell everyone at the yard about her show day! I have been told I should write about inspiring people and projects. This is it. I think people that run a marathon on a tarmaced road in fair weather should appreciate they only have 42 kilometers to run and safe flat surface to run on. For you who get nervous competing because you have had a break or an accident be refreshed in your knowledge you might be able to cut your own nails and might be able to plait your horse without a left hand that won’t work.

I know the challenge other people have in their daily lives and how amazed/confused/scared they are about my quick progress from such a difficult accident. But there still is a long way to go and I work so hard. Every day I set goals and yes sometimes like with the nail cutting or mane plaiting I fail. But i don’t give up. I set new goals, prepare myself to win or lose. Either way I am on my way back.

Keep Smiling 🙂 remember the things in life that has had you laugh out loud out of control!


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