5 months since accident

So here we are. I am still alive, although some days I feel like I am struggling a lot the overall feeling is still that I am getting better every day. But having spent over a week away in the UK for Dan’s dads funeral and to check on my horses I still have in the UK. I managed to put an appointment in with my London doctor Fred Wadsworth. So in the days away, not an hour of rest nor an hour spent on top of a horse or doing my essential training. So when i left Mallorca I was ca 85 % on a horse and 65 % on “normal” life. That plummeted when I was in UK. I went down to basic 48-50% whilst living, I didn’t ride at all in UK but this morning I did and I only managed 2 horses before I got too tired.

So this is what my doctor said about me. He has delt with other brain injury sufferers recently, James Cracknell. And he had some insights to living with brain injury as well as living with someone that has had a brain injury. He could see a little from both sides, how my directness could be compared to a teenagers, not being able to let anything lie or let people get away with their point of view, if I believe they are wrong, I will say it. Some people are ok with this but some really can’t handle it.

I missed out on a course with Sue Gurnee this weekend. I hope she will be back for me to see/hear and learn from her at a later date. She is the American healer I have been working with over the past couple of months. I wish I had been able to attend her course about energies. How to make energies work for you and not against you.

Its nice to be home again, finally I can sit down and write again. I have started reading a new book. “The brain that changes itself”. Its so inspiring to read. It’s about people that work with victims of accidents or born with defects to the brain, where they prove that brains are neuro plastic and able to change to find ways to get around to become “normal” again. Although I also believe Fred when he told me I might never become the same person I was before the accident. In my teenage stadium I’m at at the moment, I will have to re-learn being more patient. And whatever taught me the first time round might not be what teaches me this time. So beware everybody, the new me might be different.

I will continue to write more later as I am getting quite tired now.

Keep smiling 🙂 You can keep learning new things and there are always new things to learn!

2 thoughts on “5 months since accident

  1. Emelie,
    I saw hudge improvements when you zipped your new Parlanti boots by youselve!! You are able to doing more movements with your fingers and that’s relly good.
    Go forward with your performance step by step and soon you will be on the top of the stair!!
    Keep smiling 🙂

  2. I returned last night from London. My thoughts turned your way this morning and thought to send a hello. I am trusting that your progress is steady and your spirits high. Great photo by your harp!

    I am seriously considering a full move early 2014 to London outskirts– know anyone who may give me any leads– house/cottage/studio rental with suitable place for my tiny dogs. Place to make art and— quiet!!! I would like to find a place to continue offering my healing services and lectures — sans translation!

    I will be visiting Mallorca in he fall during Autumn Teaching Tour so look forward to catching up on your progress!!

    Hoping all your family is doing well and your Mum is feeling better, too!

    Sending best wishes,


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